Yellow Joyous butterfly ~

FB_IMG_1470309114989 joy signd



I am sitting by the window working on this lovely Yellow fabric for a I see this Gorgeous Huge YELLOW Butterfly flying around my window and landing in one of the Flower pots!
I didnt get to take its photo before it flew away..but your message of Lighthearted illuminating Wondrous Joy is Loud and Clear Mizz Butterfly* ~ ~ ♡
Thank you
“Tune into your own inner Joy* Despite anything that seems to be going on around you
I know many will think its easier said than done..
No need to stretch too far..
Breathe..look within and connect with the easiest closest thing that triggers your own personal Joy.
For me, one of those things is my materials..their colors..patterns..just looking at them brings me instant joy and inspires my soul for harmony… and creative expression..instantly gratifying and lifts me out of the physical occurences into a land full of light ♡ Even in moments that I cant actually work..visualising it in itself brings me joy..
We all have something that creates that immediate connection to joy and light for our soul..Tune in ♡
Much love


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