Trust the process ~


So just when you finally felt you got up on your horse and you were starting to feel
‘Hey this is good.. I got this’
Up comes from out of no where from within or without or most probably both, some whammo..
More ‘stuff’ that shakes you to the core..leaving you feeling overwhelmed and as though you`re way off course again..
Feeling some feelings of ‘same old’ same old’ and that maybe youre not as good as you thought you were.
Well you`re wrong.
The process of our soul`s evolution will always bring up stuff, sometimes just when we barely thought we were starting to get along course, for the soul/sole purpose of clearing some inner densities..old stuff that we dont need anymore and that weighs us down on our journey..


Life situations will trigger these all the way out of our systems from deep within, and we may find ourselves also behaving out all behavior patterns which we thought to have shifted out of..
If youre able to look at it for what it will be doing yourself a huge service..for the purpose of your own healing and growth.
Be kind and gentle with yourself and compassionate and forgiving to yourself and others.
Release the density..the pain this brought up..shake it out of you in any way you feel best for you
Water source in nature, shower, bath with sea salt to cleanse negativity, drink lots of water, dance and shake it off physically,sing or hum and find your body releasing all tension and moving into a luminous harmonious flow, put on some relaxing uplifting music and flow with it, breathing deeply and exhaling profoundly allowing all density to exit your being..find a way that suits you to release all the density that comes up and raise your vibration in any way that brings you joy and uplifts you.Do some physical activity or joyful hobby and surrender to the shift that gradually occurs naturally.
That is all you need to take you back on`re good in no time at all if you just recognize and allow the process..ready to proceed lighter than the process and embrace your love of life..everything is fine.
If there seems to be confusion regarding a certain decision..allow first this process to carry you to calmer waters feeling again better and more stable and then clarity will appear for you.
Warm Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards


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