Release ~


*Card taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul inspiration’ message cards 


Are you ready to do a little ceremony for the full moon?
Are you willing to release all that does not serve your highest good?
Take a piece of paper, and make a list of all the things in your life you would like to release to be able to create the life you wish for, manifesting your authentic magnificent being.
This could be Unhealthy relationships, difficult situations, challenging conditions, some of your own traits which you have come to realize are your own hindrances, bad habits,blockages, fears as well as resentment and anger etc
Remember to honor all of your experiences, understanding that they did serve a purpose in your life and soul growth, even if sometimes in ways we may not understand at the moment, be Willing to Forgive and release.
Also , sometimes certain situations may be released to be returned healed. In any case your release is important, as you are releasing all your current emotional baggage surrounding these and allowing healing to occur..
Check online for the time of the full moon, if you cant be present exactly try to make it sometimes towards..or if need be not too long after.
Create a quiet sacred space.
Breathe and try to focus your intentions on this release which is important for you.
Light a candle and ask for Divine presence.
Take your list and put it over the flame slowly burning it to be totally released, asking out loud for this to be and for Divine help for this to come about, stating at the end “And so it is”
Understand that taking the time to focus on this and then writing it and then releasing unto ashes in prayer is a strengthened intention of yours, putting your concentrated energy in this release at a time that energetically favors this.

If you wish, write another list stating all the things, relationships, situations and conditions  you wish to recreate your reality including recovering the traits you know deep down inside you have and wish to strengthen or liberate to be the happy shining being you were created to be.You deserve the life you desire and you are able to create it once youve released all that is blocking the way.
Save this list in a special place, taking a peek from time to time to see how you advance on your journey.
Blessings and best wishes on your journey





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