Gentle Deep Release ~


Energies of the upcoming full moon on Thursday are already strongly felt. You may be feeling a chaotic kind of tension as very deep seated emotional issues arise for more complete healing. Most of these issues wish to be fully released to make room for a more authentic and complete YOU to Manifest and create the life you have always wished for..recent events may have also played an important part in triggering these for the soul purpose of complete healing.
Please be extra gentle with yourselves at this time and allow the process to complete itself as thoroughly as possible. The more you can allow yourself some quiet soul time, the better.
Breathe and create a safe space for yourself to allow your upsetting emotions to surface..feel certain parts of your body stiff in pain as a result of trying to override these emotions. Breathe into these parts and see what arises..allow the pain..tears..anger to come up and wash through you..release..
See yourself seeing, feeling,forgiving and releasing…so much better is yet to come..yet we need to make room..
Drink plenty of water to allow the flow, eat light comforting and nourishing food, get enough rest..
Moonstone and Selenite are good Crystals to help with the Fullmoon energies.Place under your pillow to aid sleep.Try to pay attention to special dreams at this times that carry guidance.. Lavender essential oil is great for calming as well..
Sending much love
Warm Blessings

Higher place ~


Whatever comes up in our lives
There is always a Higher place from which to view things..
From this Divine view there is only Love..
Breathe and detach yourself from the circumstances in front of you, no matter how upsetting they may be..
Breathe and join that Higher space..of Peace..and watch Magic unfold..
Blessings ❤
*Card taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message Cards available in online shop

I am Joy ~ New Creation

I am Joy
I am Bliss
There is nothing
I shall miss
My Life is a Joyous Adventure !


Vibrant & Joyful Sunflower Yellow Floral Print in Lilac Colors
Free flowing Loose fit Drawstring Tunic Dress in Semi Sheer Fine Cotton Voile Fabric

Adaptable wear either Loose A-line or Using the Matching Lilac colored Satin cord wrapped around for a more gathered fitted elegant look!

This Dress is Available at Kahliya`s online shop

Made in pure Joy for you to enjoy!
in Provence France

The Spirit in me ~



Upon experiencing conflict
Your responsibilty is towards your own peace. In maintaining your own alignment with your own spirit, you remain in your highest vibration and well being, honoring your creation to fulfill your full potential of existence, enabling your soul’s growth and evolution and presenting an example of highest inspiration for others to follow if they so choose to.Remember their choice is their own responsibility.

*card taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration message cards offered for sale in Kahliya’s online shop.

Trust the process ~


So just when you finally felt you got up on your horse and you were starting to feel
‘Hey this is good.. I got this’
Up comes from out of no where from within or without or most probably both, some whammo..
More ‘stuff’ that shakes you to the core..leaving you feeling overwhelmed and as though you`re way off course again..
Feeling some feelings of ‘same old’ same old’ and that maybe youre not as good as you thought you were.
Well you`re wrong.
The process of our soul`s evolution will always bring up stuff, sometimes just when we barely thought we were starting to get along course, for the soul/sole purpose of clearing some inner densities..old stuff that we dont need anymore and that weighs us down on our journey..


Life situations will trigger these all the way out of our systems from deep within, and we may find ourselves also behaving out all behavior patterns which we thought to have shifted out of..
If youre able to look at it for what it will be doing yourself a huge service..for the purpose of your own healing and growth.
Be kind and gentle with yourself and compassionate and forgiving to yourself and others.
Release the density..the pain this brought up..shake it out of you in any way you feel best for you
Water source in nature, shower, bath with sea salt to cleanse negativity, drink lots of water, dance and shake it off physically,sing or hum and find your body releasing all tension and moving into a luminous harmonious flow, put on some relaxing uplifting music and flow with it, breathing deeply and exhaling profoundly allowing all density to exit your being..find a way that suits you to release all the density that comes up and raise your vibration in any way that brings you joy and uplifts you.Do some physical activity or joyful hobby and surrender to the shift that gradually occurs naturally.
That is all you need to take you back on`re good in no time at all if you just recognize and allow the process..ready to proceed lighter than the process and embrace your love of life..everything is fine.
If there seems to be confusion regarding a certain decision..allow first this process to carry you to calmer waters feeling again better and more stable and then clarity will appear for you.
Warm Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards

Messages ~




If you enjoy Kahliya’s motivational messages, check out Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards , currently in sets of 10 and 20 cards.
These messages are designed to guide you on your journey, to uplift and carry you towards manifesting your higher self!
Messages are my own material channeled from source,printed upon images, photographed mainly in Nature, by myself.

Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

… for Mia …The Dance

Very grateful for the inspiring words by my Soul Brother Charlie
I have shared an old photo of mine encapsulating days of more courage to express my passionate soul.. and Charlie has transcribed my thoughts and aspirations into beautiful words of hope, life and love..for we are Eternal..
Thank you Charlie for your beautiful words!
May we all thrive in the wholeness of who we are..Amen

Reflections of Riverman

Mia Dancing 2

This morning I arrived on facebook and this photograph was a memory of a friend I only know through social media. A picture of her dancing in a public event and captivating some, while others look perhaps at another dancer.

She is also a poetess and  over the years we have inspired each other and co-created on many occasions in a resonance that is truly a part of our deeper Souls connection.

Many times those of us who are highly empathic and creative find ourselves looking back at what we have done. We wonder where parts of ourselves have either disappeared or how some things so meaningful and full of life, have faded away like a photograph over time.

She reminded me of my own journey and sense of self, which at times looks much like my bluejeans. Yes, well worn and ready for recycling.

Although I do not express…

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Yellow Joyous butterfly ~

FB_IMG_1470309114989 joy signd



I am sitting by the window working on this lovely Yellow fabric for a I see this Gorgeous Huge YELLOW Butterfly flying around my window and landing in one of the Flower pots!
I didnt get to take its photo before it flew away..but your message of Lighthearted illuminating Wondrous Joy is Loud and Clear Mizz Butterfly* ~ ~ ♡
Thank you
“Tune into your own inner Joy* Despite anything that seems to be going on around you
I know many will think its easier said than done..
No need to stretch too far..
Breathe..look within and connect with the easiest closest thing that triggers your own personal Joy.
For me, one of those things is my materials..their colors..patterns..just looking at them brings me instant joy and inspires my soul for harmony… and creative expression..instantly gratifying and lifts me out of the physical occurences into a land full of light ♡ Even in moments that I cant actually work..visualising it in itself brings me joy..
We all have something that creates that immediate connection to joy and light for our soul..Tune in ♡
Much love