Nourish the Light*



Dear friends

These days we are going through a major shift designed to leave behind all that we have experienced that does not serve our higher being, in order to prepare and welcome a renewed experience of ourselves creating the life we wish for , manifesting our higher selves and fulfilling our life purpose.
It certainly feels like a shake up..a bit chaotic..confusing and even painful, as once again deep inner wounds come to surface for us to take a clearer look at them, understand their effects in our lives, and release them more fully, understanding that we are to take with us only what we have learned, leaving behind the emotional weight, for we have much better things in store for us on our journey.
For obvious reasons this task is not easy but so very important, for as long as we carry this around with us , we are truly unable to create that which we so wish for in our lives.

A very important point to remember these days and all days is to always find the Light and Nourish it so it can balance out anything dark or difficult going on in our life.
The Light is Absolutely Always there, no matter what is happening.
There are so many things that can represent the light.Anything of Beauty, inner or outer, that is present in our life,a small caring gesture by anyone around you, sometimes even by a stranger,a dream you have within you ,surrounding nature, so many things in our lives carry Light within and all around us, from small things to bigger, though we have a tendency to appreciate them when we are shining and feeling good, we tend to oversee them when we are troubled, focusing on our troublesome feelings, sinking more and more into a feeling that all is dark.
When we make a habit of finding any point of Light, big or small, and devote to nourishing the light in any way we can, we are giving it more emphasis and allowing it to grow along with its positive energy, hence bringing forward to us more opportunities for joy to overcome whatever it is we are going through, and transcend to better things.
Always think of this,
The Light is our LIFE FORCE
The more you Nourish it
The More in Tune you are with your Higher Being
and the Universal Creative Life Force,
Connected to Divine Guidance
And Allowing for All Good Things to Occur
For Ourselves
And For anyone around us
Or which we are Concerned for .

It is time for us to tap into our Creative Power
And Create the Life & World we Wish for
We are All Contributors
We Are All Powerful
Let us Work this Divine Magic to the benefit of All
Shine Bright!
Much Love


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