Light persistence


I am in existence
With light persistence
Tipoing to ensure
Small parcels of light
Come visit the obscure
Enough to delicately unveil
Encouraging to inhale
Up up and away
Raise your sail ~

Mia Leventhal


Honor the struggle

As part of what you are to experience here on Earth

The push and pull of Light and Dark Allows us to make our own choices and follow through in our soul mission.

Breathe deeply

Remain calm and centered as best you can through it all.

Stay aware at all times what are your choices and where they come from.

Work on your own connection to your higher self and to source.

Pave your way through creating as many little pockets of light as you can as you go along…

The light will warm you..keep you safe..and see you through

Keep on keepin on

You will be sailing pretty soon

Much love




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