Clearing the intensity ~

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration message cards‘, available in Kahliya`s online shop.

Ok guys
Energies are ‘purty intense’ at the moment.. the emotional turmoil as a result of these recent elections..whether it be our own emotions and/or the emotions of the collective,
and the energetic build up of what is to be a Super Full Moon on the 14th, we`ve kind of got it covered with ”tension in the air” so to speak..
Its very important to understand that on a daily basis, we absorb energies from all around us, if we are aware of this or not, and these actively contribute to our lives in more ways than one.Sometimes these energies will also even trigger some old hidden emotions and then create a sort of inner snowball going on inside us, whether we are conscious of it or not.
If we are sensitive, we tend to absorb more, hence having more of a difficult time to make our way through our daily lives “care free”.. many times without even understanding why this is so..
Therefore, it is essential, to acquire some kind of daily discipline designed to allow our beings to release any and all energies that we may have absorbed, from within and without, that do not align with our highest good and weigh on us disrupting our progress and well being, ever the more so after obvious events that we realize have affected us.

Creating the connection of awareness and the intention to go through a regular process of purifying and clearing ourselves is a blessed part of our personal growth and soul evolution.

For starters, creating that connection with self , in which we learn to be aware of how we are feeling and if there may be some tension we are carrying around with us, is a great tool, and does not interfere with being ‘positive’, but means we are being Real with ourselves, creating and maintaining a caring relationship with ourselves,in order to heal and grow, and as a result helps us also to understand others.
Inevitably,this is also a great way to stop the cycle of ‘clearing our stuff’ out on others just to be able to release it..which we all know by now is highly destructive to us all.
Being responsible and tending to our own processes is the best way to aid in the healing of all of Humanity.

Now, it is important for you to find which method/s appeals and works for you.
Sometimes just acknowledging and letting it out in a good spontaneous cry is exactly what is needed to open the valve and diffuse the tension absorbed.
We have grown accustomed to be ashamed of crying..but crying is a great emotional ‘shower’.Dont feel ashamed or uncomfortable.
It is mostly recommended to create your own private space to allow any sort of cleansing process.If for some reason that is not so possible, even going for a few moments outside or to the restroom can be highly beneficial.
Otherwise, Do try and create that private space.
Meditating daily cannot be emphasized enough on how this allows to clear all the inner clutter from ourselves without the need of any control or thought process.
If you cant meditate, try allowing a small amount of time daily, 10-20 min, just to Be in quiet, undisturbed, practicing deep breathing in and out, while allowing a ‘void’ to occur , releasing thoughts..if they do come in..just allow move in and out leisurely without interference.This allows them to flow out of your system, leaving you back with a clearer state of being.
Another great way is to go out into nature and feel yourself tune into the natural rhythm..breathing fresh air and just absorbing the peaceful energy of nature can allow you to release unnatural tension and realign with your highest being and source.
If you can find a water source all the better as water has a deep meaningful cleansing effect in its flow..
Another way to benefit from the water, is taking a bath or shower.
adding Natural Sea Salt is great for further purifying oneself from any lower energies.
Releasing it all in a sportive activity of any kind, even just a brisk walk can do wonders as well as putting on your favorite song and dancing to its beat.
Some may enjoy a brief session of Physical gardening to get it all cleared out..
Be Creative!
The important thing is to be aware that this occurs..creating the connection and understanding and devoting oneself to clearing on a regular basis..even if this accumulation isnt evidently felt.It is this devoted routine that will provide a promise of a clearer state of being aligning with your highest inner guidance and moving forward in more positive joy!
Whatever you choose to do, please remember also to be extra gentle on yourselves especially in times like these.Caring for yourself and well being is key.If things go a bit slower for you, while you tend to your fine tuning , be understanding..

Warm Blessings

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