Power ~


Dear friends

There is a lot going on these days..if it is the Elections in the States or Similar situations all over the globe, there is a lot of intense energy about, as much tension is stirred and humanity`s darker side is expressed and causing chaos and frustration.
It is crucial for us all to understand that above and beyond what and who we perceive to be holding ‘power’ in any situation , the true power lays within each and every one of us to create our own reality and contribute to the world around us.
Despite what we see which upsets us, instead of giving into fear and panic, we are being asked to withdraw our feelings of helplessness, tuning into our own personal power, and Be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be , for ourselves and for all those around us.Shining our innate Light is our highest contribution to Humanity and is our creation`s purpose and mission.By doing so we are an active part of creating this world the way we would like it to be.
The cycle of fear is an old vicious cycle, one that all too easily affects us all if we let it , one that renders us disillusioned of our sense of power, and one that is too easily used to manipulate us.
Breaking this cycle means taking back our own power to create a world of light and love and not of fear and destruction.
If each and every being would see to Stand and Be in his own light instead of being locked and blocked in fear, imagine how many beaming lights would be actively contributing to society!
Today Stop this cycle
Today distance yourself from all that you see that is frustrating and upsetting you
Today, make a conscious decision
To Transform the Darkness into Light
Today Choose the Beautiful Light Being that you Are
Look around you and see
What small act
Can you do to express the pure light of your being?
THAT will be your switch from being helpless and frustrated
To Being Powerful and Creative
Let Us ALL CoCreate this world from a place of Choice
Lets Choose the Light
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards Available inĀ Kahliya`s online shop

Light persistence


I am in existence
With light persistence
Tipoing to ensure
Small parcels of light
Come visit the obscure
Enough to delicately unveil
Encouraging to inhale
Up up and away
Raise your sail ~

Mia Leventhal


Honor the struggle

As part of what you are to experience here on Earth

The push and pull of Light and Dark Allows us to make our own choices and follow through in our soul mission.

Breathe deeply

Remain calm and centered as best you can through it all.

Stay aware at all times what are your choices and where they come from.

Work on your own connection to your higher self and to source.

Pave your way through creating as many little pockets of light as you can as you go along…

The light will warm you..keep you safe..and see you through

Keep on keepin on

You will be sailing pretty soon

Much love