Working with refugees


Feeling very at the local church, the scene of Nativity made by Eritrean refugees I have been working with recently, is being presented for Christmas mass.Needless to say how emotional they are and proud as I am of them ❤
Working with them has been an honor and a huge Gift ❤
I will be writing about this experience soon.
Much Love ❤

I am here to Serve the Light


Dear friends

Many of you are feeling fatigued and a bit stretched out at the moment
Please remember that there is a balancing challenge here at hand , while you may be presented with situations in which your help is needed, you are also being asked to make sure you are taking care of your personal needs, as not only are they equally important, but only by maintaining your own well being , will you be able to have the strength and the emotional poise to be able to handle the situations at hand.
This is very delicate..but very important..even crucial..for everyone involved.
Take care of your basic needs
Filter out anything unnecessary that absorbs your energy
Be energy efficient
Strict basics
Drink plenty of water, less caffeine, more true fruit juices or fruit for energy boosts especially dates and bananas
Eat basic Nourishing food, even if time lacks, find a way to get your nutrients
Get enough rest
Try to find pockets of time to relax, breathe, recenter and even meditate of you can even for a few minutes.
Your body and mind will be so grateful
Your state of mind and well being will influence the quality of what you have to offer to others that may depend on your help at this time.
Maintaining your balance helps sustain your own health as well as becoming more of a pure channel for spirit to guide you in your service.
Know that this intensive phase will pass.
Hang in there
Stay Positive
You can do this
Much Love

May we Unite our Light, Happy Holidays



We are approaching Christmas and I would like to wish all those celebrating, a Merry Merry Christmas!

This year Hannukah Holiday of the Jewish faith is celebrated on the same date
And I would also like to wish those Celebrating a Happy Hannukah!
I am very happy when cross cultural festivities coincide, for in these occasions we get to celebrate together our Uniqueness and our Unity.
Another Reminder that all religions symbolize various angles of the Light* that Unites us all..
The Light* of Creation and of our Creator.

In Celebrating the Birth of Jesus the Messenger of Light who came to teach us to Love one another and in celebrating the Faith in the Divine who bestows Love and Miracles upon us, as in Hannuka,
May we All Unite in Prayer and in our Love for our world, for Each other, for our Unity, for those who suffer, for…

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Redirecting Energy ~



Dear friends
We are very close to the Full Moon on Tuesday/Wednesday
I have mentioned the possible feeling of overwhelm in my prior post
There may also be a feeling of extra fatigue as well as overflow of emotions.
Try to take it nice and easy whilst moving forward gently with what you can.
See if you can take ‘pockets’ of rest within your routine, which will allow you to release anything pent up, replenish your energy and follow up on your responsibilities.
Allow..whatever comes up for you and whatever needs tending to within
Without any judgment
Allow and refocusing on what is truly important.
We are shedding whatever we give unnecessary energy to, savoring our energy and cherishing what matters most, to ourselves personally.. and to our world.
Our Healing is important, our Emotions and those of our loved ones,
As well as the Respect for the ‘Other’ for We are all Fruit of the same Creation, the same Creator and Are Meant to Co-Create Together in a way that Respects our Creation and shows Gratitude to our Creator, Creating the Harmony we All wish for and can Benefit from.
If we All play together nicely and respectfully, just imagine the peacefulness and redirected energy we would All have individually and as a collective..
Sending so much Love
To All of You
Warm Hugz


New week



Dear friends

We are just before a New week
Many of us are feeling overwhelmed..
Disturbing world events..upcoming holidays and responsabilities..and/or our own personal burdens..
Take a deep Breathe
Breathe deep into your Being
Feel yourself anchoring yourself into the ground, Standing Tall, releasing anxiety as you exhale
Believe in who You are
Believe in who We are
Believe in the Unity we are nurturing and all the kindness we are spreading
Which will help dissolve the separation that is destructive to All of us as a whole.
Believe in all the little seeds we are planting daily
Hold onto the Vision
Most of all
Believe in you
Try to get plenty of rest
And start this week
With a large warm heart full of positivity
Take baby steps when and where you feel lost..stay with what you know and feel comfortable with
Work your way gently out of the stress zone
Gaining back your confidence and life force
And before you know it you will be sailing
And Co creating our World Together with us all
And that Togetherness is a Huge Life force Energy
Gentle.Breathe.Baby steps…Create
We Can Do this
We Are Already doing this… ❤
So much Love to you All


I Create my Own Magic ~


Energy shifts are in full force at the moment
Many of us are feeling depleted and bewildered..
After so much work on ourselves we ask this again?
But alas
All of this is designed to shake out of our system anything that is not aligned with our light.
We still have so much unhealed pain and frustration ..out they go
The process of releasing these are unfortunately also painful..there is no escaping this if we are truly devoted to the process..
Breathe through it
Embrace it for what it is
It is a part of you that wishes to be released
Allow it to do so
Let it go
There also may be outer events mirroring these old frustrations
Look at them for what they are
But look at them in a new angle
From your true soul
Do not hold on to resentment and frustration
We are ‘way outta there’…
Try to find a detached observation point holding onto your soul truth and see All which you observe, on the path of Transformation and Healing.

You may also be feeling everything you try to express and contribute is being met with resistance.
Keep going..
You are being asked to reach deep within, to your core being, your soul’s Light and Truth, and Celebrate who you are, despite anything going on.
Nurture all that is Precious and Beautiful within your existence,
Everything you Value.
Keep going,
Keep doing that,
Keep building who you are.
Everything is Energy
And this must be your choice
Of how you Direct your Energy
For the good of All
We All need that
Even if we dont know it yet
Even if we dont show it yet
And above all
You need You
You need the Whole of You
That is Shining Light
And since everything is Energy
Once you tune yourself into nurturing your own Light Energy this will create a snowball effect that keeps growing within you and for others affected.
If something occurs that knocks you off your horse , just get back up there and keep doing your thing
Keeeeeeeep Going
Keep Rising

Go on then
Create your own magic 🙂
Much love




Stand Tall



If you have gone through anything recently which has left you feeling “less “, know that you are More than whatever you may feel youve lost,
For within you
You Are and Remain Complete.
That which leaves us feeling orherwise, Visits us merely to trigger these emotions for us to transform them into better understanding our own True core value.
Our happiness lays within the expression and experience of our Wholeness which is constant and does not depend on outside actors or situations.
Meet yourself deep within
Fall in love with who you are
You are a wonderful Divine Creation
Full of Beauty
If you havent checked yourself out for a while, be sure to do so 🙂
Tune into what drives you
Youll be sure to fall back in love with your life all over again..
Stand tall
Be proud of who you are
Pursue your interests, your gifts, your dreams and your pleasures,
Celebrate your Life.
Be the You that is Complete,
And you will feel your innate Power surging through once again.
Blessings on your Journey
Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop ♡

The Storm ~

20161120_154520 storm k signed.jpg

Dear friends
We are going through huge energy shifts
On an energetic level this can be felt as a very powerful surge of energy
Which can either have us feeling powerful or chaotic and emotional or..all of the above ..which is probably more than likely..
Much like a wild ride
You may have emotions running high or maybe even a specific ‘Stormy Event’ has presented itself in your life.
Things may also feel like a mixed bag going backwards and forwards as we can also see in wordly events as mirrors to our own inner lives.
Rest assured that all is well and that the sole/soul purpose is transformation, leading us to more of a sweep clean of our prior restrictions, revealing more of our courage to follow our inner truth .
We were created in Light, and the Light of Creation , of Our creation is meant to prevail and so it Shall.
Hang on tight, ride this wave, feel the power beyond the emotional chaos and move forward toward shining your own light firmly and brightly
You were created to do just that
The World needs you Now
And so do You
Much Love



The current energies may leave you on overwhelm emotionally and physically
Be gentle with yourselves and others, we are all going through this together..
Take it nice and major decisions..see how you can show yourself some tender loving care
Holding yourself in a space of peace allowing whatever needs to come up to do so in your soft embrace..then work with it to release..
All is well…All is transforming..
Let us contain and allow the process with Love..
Soft soothing music..a favorite food..comforting tea..some incense..essential oils..a good book..or better yet a walk in Nature..follow the sun..even if its hiding..its always there..that`s comforting.. ❤
We can do this
Much Love

* Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards, available in Kahliya`s online shop