Open to the Grandeur



Let go of past hurts
Let go of disappointments
Put it down to schooling and preparation šŸ™‚
Most of all
Let go of any limiting version
You may have acquired of your reality
Due to these.
Step back into the Magic
Of the ‘Co-creator with the Divine’
That You Are!
The Universe is unlimited and Grand,
And so is your Existence,
Should you wish to push back those illusional walls that may have become your seeming ‘Reality’.
What is it you wish to Believe?
What is it you wish to Be, To Co Create with the Universe?
It’s All there like Clay and Paints waiting for you to Dive in!
Which ‘Reality’ do you choose ?
One of illusionary fear and limitations that has attempted to tie you down?Did you seriously buy into that?
That’s ok..the Great thing about the Universe is that it has patience šŸ™‚
And in the meantime you`ve gained some education and experience..
You know by now that there must be more out there than all this fear…
Here we Gooooooooo
Step into your Magic
Be who you were Created to Be
Lets Do this
Lets Create some Beauty
And Lets Have some Exciting Fun while Doing it!
Thank you for your Collaboration,
Your Energy means a whole lot to All of us!
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`sĀ Ā `Soul Inspiration message cards'








Nourish what you Love ~

20161027_161208 sind.jpg

With the chaos occurring these days on a global as well as personal level, there is only one compass to go by at the moment and that is the one of your own Soul.
Understanding that which no longer serves the light needs to surface to be released, helps us know that the allowing of this release can be fulfilled if we divert our attention, despite triggers and temptations, and direct our energy towards that which we wish to Create, where our Pure undivided attention is greatly needed.

Take the time to tune into your soul’s yearning, to the Beauty you wish to create with your unique voice that will benefit us all.
Focus on fully and truly being the you you were created to Be, manifesting your wonderful original contribution to the whole of Creation.
THAT is where we All need you to Be,
THERE is where you need to Be fully present at this time.
We are all coming together to Create the world of beauty which was meant to be and which we so wish for.
Put your energy to the task at hand as shall we all, releasing with compassion and forgiveness all that does not align with our highest good.
Plant those seeds, kick into those Dreams, give it your all and watch that Beauty Grow!
Thank you for Being here at this time!
Warm Blessings

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards

Allow your Vulnerability



Trying endlessly to go through life without being touched ..without shedding a tear..results in denying the beauty hidden in the depths of our souls..and consequently..the sharing of that Beauty with the world..
If we are troubled by a world that has lost touch with its Heart’s center..with its innocence..we definitely cannot expect anything to change if we harden our hearts in effort to ‘deal with life ‘
We must try to always remain positive and hopeful
That enables a constant openning for good things to occur
But that doesnt mean to close our hearts to ourselves or to others.
As always, this is a balancing act of our to be mastered..
But constantly allowing our emotions to surface and process them will allow our fullest deepest existence and presence here on Earth for ourselves and the world.
It is our choice ofcourse to process these in a productive way for us to build together a world in which we remain real and yet benefit mutual existence and positive co creation.
But first and foremost we must allow our hearts to feel.. as well as allow whatever triggers older pains the space to be acknowledged, so that we remain True to ourselves and then able to release and build better more beautiful things for ourselves and others in the future.
We are all here to live and evolve and to help others along the way..
Be True..Be Fully You..and Allow others to do the same
Lets help each other co create a better world of True and Honest Beauty.
Much Love

Love is Never Lost




Another leap

Another layer of transformation
Can you feel it ?
Dont hesitate
Dont think you’re not ready..
As the Universe is with you on this,
Despite what it may seem.
Breathe deeply
Release panic
Release what appears to be negative,
What appears to be against you
Or leave you feeling less than the beautiful unique being that you are.
If you feel you are not being appreciated
It is essential you remember
Who you truly are
And who and what you are truly here to serve
Any and all seeds of Love and Beauty that you share and plant are ALWAYS of great importance for they are given to the soil that nourishes us all.
Whether or not your efforts seem directly appreciated or returned shall not be the reason of your full existence,
For the Shining of your light carries no attachment or assured..the seeds have been proud of who you are and what you offer to the world..carry on and continue to contribute with your light as all that does not align with your highest good will fade away and that which is to assist you to further contribute and create Beauty in this world will appear..
Have faith, trust..and most of all believe in who you are regardless of any confirmation on the is inside you where your most precious seed lies..and connects with the Divine..
As you Align ..You will realise..that everything is just fine…
In the meantime if you are feeling low or hurt
Remember this is another round to help heal and release old wounds so that you can more fully connect with the confidence of being who you are.
Within each round it is essential you be there for yourself as you would for others.
Warm tender loving care for yourself is very important in order to nurture your core structure and belief in yourself.
Please be there for yourself with much Love
Warm Blessings
Much Love

Nice and Easy..


So here we are
We so want to have that ‘fresh new start feeling’..
And yet we may be feeling a bit all over the place..unfocused..not really understanding where to begin..nor where we’re headed..
Thats OK
Youre fine
Dont Panic
Theres a lot going on that you dont realise
We’re in the midst of Transformation
And this is a process
Dont try to plan ahead too far
Or try to figure it all out at the moment
If there’s anything to try and focus on
Its to take good care of yourself and your energy
Whatever you feel may take you out of balance
Just release and gently re-center yourself and get back on track.
Taking care of your needs is first importance.
Otherwise allow your heart to open..and stay open..with expanding compassion no matter what happens.
Tread lightly not shying away from experiences, rather allow whatever and whoever crosses your path to come… and go, if need be..without the need to absorb anything that does not align with your highest good..while nurturing that which does..
This is the new walk…towards your sunshine…
Nice and easy..
Blessings on your path
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.