Love is Never Lost




Another leap

Another layer of transformation
Can you feel it ?
Dont hesitate
Dont think you’re not ready..
As the Universe is with you on this,
Despite what it may seem.
Breathe deeply
Release panic
Release what appears to be negative,
What appears to be against you
Or leave you feeling less than the beautiful unique being that you are.
If you feel you are not being appreciated
It is essential you remember
Who you truly are
And who and what you are truly here to serve
Any and all seeds of Love and Beauty that you share and plant are ALWAYS of great importance for they are given to the soil that nourishes us all.
Whether or not your efforts seem directly appreciated or returned shall not be the reason of your full existence,
For the Shining of your light carries no attachment or assured..the seeds have been proud of who you are and what you offer to the world..carry on and continue to contribute with your light as all that does not align with your highest good will fade away and that which is to assist you to further contribute and create Beauty in this world will appear..
Have faith, trust..and most of all believe in who you are regardless of any confirmation on the is inside you where your most precious seed lies..and connects with the Divine..
As you Align ..You will realise..that everything is just fine…
In the meantime if you are feeling low or hurt
Remember this is another round to help heal and release old wounds so that you can more fully connect with the confidence of being who you are.
Within each round it is essential you be there for yourself as you would for others.
Warm tender loving care for yourself is very important in order to nurture your core structure and belief in yourself.
Please be there for yourself with much Love
Warm Blessings
Much Love

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