fly ~


Working β™‘
Sewing by hand with this lovely Peachy Orange print with flowers and Birds singing to me * β™‘ πŸ₯🌸🌹
Very soothing β™‘
I hope youre all doing well β™‘
Major energy shifts with a lot coming up
Please remember the important point is to Clear all these old wounds to be able to fly free and become who you truly are in essence.
If old wounds continue to come up its only to show you where you are stuck β™‘
And what you can release now β™‘

A fly flew into my home
And even though the window was wide open he kept flying into the glass in an effort to go outdoors
So I said to him
Why do you keep doing that
If the window is so wide open?
And my guides whispered to me
Thats exactly what were trying to tell you 😊
The window/Door is wide open!
** ~ πŸ₯ FLY πŸ₯ ~ **
Much love

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