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On the journey to bettering ourselves it may seem like it has been a long stretch..some of us are feeling quite exhausted..these days leave us feeling in a bit in a fog..frustrated that weve done so much work on ourselves and feel so close..yet not ‘there’ yet..
If there are still bits in which you are feeling not worry and do not beat yourself up on it.
You have come such a long way and have gone through so much
Stop and look at your journey
There is need for humility, compassion and acknowledgment for yourself!
You dont need any outer source to tell you.
You need to acknowledge yourself and your journey.
At some moments we may feel weve Got it and in others, everything seems to have been lost.
The thing is that sometimes were in the ‘zone’, aligned with our Divine source, BEING who we are, and in other moments we let so much distract us
Either from within all kinds of inner chatter, past issues, fears projected to the future etc and outer lower energies we absorb from our surroundings.
Most of the time we dont even realise when and how much we are absorbing.
All day long so many things trigger our unconsciousness whether it be from the news and stories we read and hear or the behaviour and energies of others around us as we go about our daily lives.
Making a daily practice of clearing lower energies you have absorbed is crucial for your well being.

Meditation, breathing and releasing while setting that intention, praying to Archangel Michael or any other Divine source of your choice to release all that does not align with your higher good, smudging with Sage leaves or another Natural incense, sport activity or any other practice with a focused intention of clearing.
Find what works for you but definitely find something!
It is important in leading a life of intention and not be carried away by other energies and influences.

When you have acknowledged that something specific has occured that threw you off balance try to take a moment in which you focus on releasing the energy you absorbed and whatever it triggered in you.

Otherwise to make sure you ‘stay on track’, a good practice could be to remind yourself you are ALWAYS able to Align with your Divine Source
There is a Golden thread connecting between you and your Divine Source
Remember it, visualise it
Stretch yourself on it and Stand Tall.
Remind yourself you are a Spiritual Being rising above all that seems to be blocking your flow.
At any moment of distraction remind yourself
I Align with God
I Align with my Divine Source
I Align with my Higher self
Because we All have a Higher Self
One that is not distracted and totally Shining in its Light
All we have to do is Tune in! 😊

In fact a good time to start is upon awakening
Before you start your day
Say it to yourself
And then repeat as necessary
Strengthening that Golden thread and your connection with your Light*

Make it a regular practice starting from the little things when its easier, starting it in motion and making it a natural habit, helping you better for the bigger hurdles 😊

Blessings on your journey
Much Love

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