20171104_154811 signed

I can hear the call I will not fall Longing has been my reality
Yet, knowing has been my savior.
Keeping the treasures intact
We have made a pact.
When the time is right, we shall Act!

Your Soul is calling you
Can you hear it?
Will you heed the call..?

There has been a longing for what may seem forever..
This longing was for what has been within you all along..
You have been through a lot
And you have felt the need to hide your soul deep deep within
In protection from all that did not understand, embrace or appreciate it.
You have been in somewhat of a survival mode trying to make sense of it all..healing from difficult experiences..trying to clear out the confusion between right and wrong, who and what to believe and trust and growing from it all into your own true existence.
The time has come to turn to unveiling your True Self, your Soul and its Gifts, its Mission.
Dont let life harden you
Allow yourself to reconnect with your sensitivity which carries your Soulprint
All you have lived has served a purpose
Let it all go now
And turn inwards to your true Divine self
Dont look around you
Dont compare yourself to anyone you see
And dont worry about being accepted
You were created with a gift which serves a mission that serves the whole
Your uniqueness is the one and only You
And the one and only gift you have for the World
Those you will serve will gravitate towards you once you are fully expressing who you are.
Look inwards, listen to your deep yearning
Your passion
Even if THAT
Means several pieces of a puzzle
Putting the puzzle together
Will make you feel
And you will SOAR
Do it NOW
So much love to you

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