Transform into Light


On a Global level
Drama is occuring
But drama does not carry the Truth.
Detach from the Drama.
Real power is within the Truth of Creation.
Look beyond the illusion
Work to anchor the Light
The more Light anchored
The more shall be transformed
BE the Power of Truth
Hold the Vision of LIGHT
All that which is not TRUE
Shall Transform
Into the LIGHT
And So It IS
Bless All
Move With the LIGHT

On a personal level
All that has been disfunctional, dishonoring, hurtful and lacking love
Is surfacing
Allow it to surface
The more Light you are integrating
The more that which is not Light shall surface to be cleared.
See it for what it was
Make Peace with that which has been
And let it burn away into the light.
Ask for Divine assistance for all that does not Align wth your Higher Good be released and any cords of attachments be cut away.
See how it may connect with you dishonoring yourself and feeling unworthy.
Let it all go now.
Forgive and Bless others.
Make the sacred choice of Honoring yourself
You are a Being of Love
You are Worthy of Love
You are being prepared to return to more of a pure state of Being
Which will Allow you to manifest your Soul Mission and More Light into the World.
Let go of these burdens
They are not going with you to your Brighter future
Be gentle with yourself through the process
You are headed to more Light
Be Peace

Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop


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