Breathe and Release ~


Deep inner emotional wounds arising
If youre experiencing deep pain arising
*Of course if you have any medical issues you should seek medical advice.
Breathe deeply into the pain
Do not panic
Remember there is an important process of transformation happening
Which has deliberately triggered very old hidden pain to surface
For the purpose of healing and clearing
So that you can sail through the New Beautiful beginnings that will soon be presented to you without hindrance.
You are being asked to allow this process
Not to resist
Breathing deeply allows the pain to slowly release itself from you
Think of where you are now
Of what you have established
Your strength
Your determination
Your will power
And your developing connection with the Spirit world which you belong to
You are never deserted
While you release your grip
And breathe deeply
You reconnect
And enable the celestial help to intervene heal and guide you
Especially if you ask them
Be gentle with yourself
You are not alone
You are not going backwards
You are merely releasing that which no longer serves your higher being.
Breathe in Divine light always available to you and let it Transform all darkness into Light ♡
Keep breathing
Keep releasing
Keep the Faith
Hold onto your vision
Keep seeing and nourishing the small glimpses of what you love and what you cant wait to do
You will be there soon
Sending much love and healing blessings ♡

May you receive the pure Healing intentions with which this was written for you ♡

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

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