As we contemplate the Year gone by and the Year to come about
We are being asked to go inwards a bit Deeper.
This last year has been challenging for many of us and yet we have done so much work on ourselves.
We have grown a lot through these challenges and through our Determination to not give up on our Dreams even when we could not see much in the way of tangible results.
On the inside we have become Stronger and more Resilient.
We have learned what to Release more readily that does not Serve our Higher good and we have learned to give our undivided Attention to our Soul Missions.
This coming Year will Celebrate our Determination and Reward our efforts as long as we stick to our Path and keep Rising Higher.
At this stage there is a need to Pause and Acknowledge what are our Truest Values and the Targets we wish to Achieve.
To do so we need to learn more about who We Really Are.
The Hightened Emotional state we are in these days is here to support just that
What really really Moves us to our Core ?
What do we really really Care about ?
What is the Life we are looking for that portrays who We Truly Are?
After all our work we have come to understand our True Partner on our Journey is the Divine.
We have come to realise there is a Divine Orchestration beyond our Logical Comprehension.
No matter how you choose to connect and ask for Guidance and Assistance, the more you do so, the more you can release your burdens, learn to Trust and Co Create your Reality.
It is time to Strengthen and Deepen your Bond with your Higher Self and the Divine.
In doing so you will be given the View and the Experience of the Miraculous!
I wish you Nothing less for this New Year 2018
May you receive the Pure Healing Intentions in which this was written for you ♡
Much Love and Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
New modified set of 50 cards in Elegant handmade pouch soon up in online shop

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