Feeling a bit all over the place ?
Thats ok
Youve come far
Challenges and chaos come in mixing things up a bit
Creating a bit of confusion
But they dont have to
You know where youre Heading
Also, there is Extra Energy surging in which is exciting
But can also create confusion if you let it
Come back to Center
Breathe Deeply
Releasing the chaos
And coming back to what matters
Once again you will find your point of Focus
And will be able to set out a Plan
Of Priorities
Which include dealing with those out of the blue surprise challenges
But still put your most important goals on top of the list
Keep your schedule intact
Health goals top priority to support you in this charged time
Relaxing time included
That can also be simple repetitive tasks
Rest your mind
And allow the best course of action
Become clear
You can do it all
You just need to release the panic
And come back into yourself
As you Align with your Higher self
Everything you need becomes clear
It is essential you Devote some Quiet time to do this
Change is Here
And Good things are happening
You Just need to ride this right
Keep whats most important to you
Near and dear
Even if you cant do as much as you wish to at the moment
Tending a bit
To what is important to you
Is what will help you stay Centered
And Anchored
Giving you the Energy
To deal
With all the extra
That just suddenly came in
You will soon be in a New, Better Place
And will be Grateful
You kept your Center
Sending much Love & Healing Blessings

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

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