Raise your Vibration


These days you may have a surprise challenge
You may be feeling overwhelmed
Your conditioned mind tends to panic and imagine the worst case scenario
But you are being reminded
That you have Grown
And you are being asked to put your Faith and renewed Wisdom
To practice
Release the panic
Stop and Breathe
Take a Breather
A nap
A break
Anything to first of all
Shake the instant grip of worry
Do something nice, funny or relaxing
Then approach the situation with more calm
As you breathe ask for Divine Help
In finding the best Solution
Continue to Breathe
And Believe
Everything will sort itself out
Release the need for logic
Just trust in the best outcome to come about.
To do this you need to Raise your Vibration out of worry.
If you have to tend to the matter
Do so in the calmest manner
Then occupy yourself with what is important to you
Releasing the affair
And believing All is Well
You will be amazed how everything falls into place
But you need to partner with Spirit on this and have trust
While remaining Positive
At the end of this you will have practised an important lesson
And perfected a new way of dealing with things
Its time to have more Faith
To collaborate more with the Divine
And believe and act in accord with this Faith, continuing to spread this High Vibration does not only invite more Good into your Life, but you will be spreading the Good Vibes onwards to All of Humanity in a ripple effect
Now that is what we all want to see more of .. 😊
We all can make a change
And we can start Now
Sending Love and Many Blessings ♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.

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