Move into who you are
That is what is being asked from you with all the craziness going on
Designed to trigger, push and shove you
Into only one way
The path of the True You.
Opportunities Arise
And so do challenges in the mix
It seems like these challenges
Are here to block your Opportunities
But in fact
If you look closely
They represent
Your old deep fears
You can overcome them now
By realising how much they do not represent you anymore
You can really see this now
Feel the Energy of what Awaits you
Feel what Arises in you
What parts of you
The Energy
The Flow
The Light
The Creative Power
Then feel the parts triggered by these challenges
What Arises for you
Which old outdated parts of you
Do they truly represent you
This is where you are asked to
Make the Choice
Choose your Energy
Choose your Power
Choose your Truth
Choose the Real You
And Release all the old stories
The wounds, the fears
They are NOT here again
They are only triggered for you to see what youre still carrying around with you that is burdening your Flow to the Manifestation of your Highest Being
You may need a moment or two to move through them and the emotions they bring up
But dont lose Perspective
Exciting New Beginings are Here for You
Its time to say goodbye to all of this that no longer serves you
Shake it off
Move into Your Light
Your Power
Your Flow
And watch all seeming obstacles
During this Shift
There is intensity and confusion
Movement is accelerated
Things are a bit hectic
Take pockets of Rest as you can
Tune in to the Energy
Of your Higher Being
Nourish and Nurture yourself Well
To Support yourself
You are Here to Shine Bright
And share your Light with a world
That needs you
Lets go
Lets do this
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards available in Kahliya’s online shop
In sets of 10 or 50 Cards ♡

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