Forward and Upward


So we’ve been on this road to Transformation for a while now and it keeps moving up a level.
It has gotten quite intense
And at moments you may not understand anymore where you are or where youre going
You may be feeling uprooted
And in a way you are.
You have been lifted out of your old life which may have you feeling uncomfortable
But this was the only way to take you out of old limiting habits
And put you on a path in which you can create what is truly of your purest of intention and that which Manifests your Higher Self.
Everything is being greatly accelerated creating somewhat of an intentional confusion
For you to finally lose grip on the old ways.
Give way to this momentum
Do not hold resistance
Understand the Process and the Direction of this Journey
Let go
Take with you only what is truly Important
Check and recheck your Highest Values.
You are being asked to focus your Attention and Intention on the Light.
Within all the chaos
There are glimpses of Light
And Gifts of immense Value sent your way
The darkness and errors of mankind hold within all our pain and frustration which did not find a way to be processed and need to be cleared on our way to more Light.
What appears on your path is the clearing of what is stored within you and in others, Let it be cleared.
Focus on the Light that this is uncovering on the flip side.
Dont miss out on what is truly sent your way to push you Forward and Upward for Your Benefit and the Benefit of All.
This is what is being asked of you
Focus and Nourish the Light and let the rest be released to be Transformed.
Within your choices every moment lies the potential of the New Road to be Developed.
Make room for the New to Enter and Let Go of the old.
We are doing this Together
Let us create a bright new path which truly represents who we are.
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intention and Energy in which this was written for You.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop which will reopen soon.

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