Here we gooooo

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Here we gooooooo
The Full Moon is very soon upon us
Its intensity is already in the air..
You may have been feeling agitated, antsy, nervous, impatient and emotional
Hold on
The show is about to begin
Take a moment today to use the potent Energy to clean and clear away from your Life,from your Being, from your Energy
All that is blocking you
Release all thoughts about the past, about hurts, self doubts, worries for the future etc
ALL of it
Let it Gooooooooooo
Light a candle
Breathe deeply
Find your center
Connect with your Higher Self
And with the Divine
Ask for Assistance to Release
All that is not not aligned with
with your Higher Good
Devote yourself
To considering what you think you should Release in order to be your Shining Brilliant self
Focus your Intentions on so doing
Clean your physical space
If you can
Clean your floors with salted water
Clear any clutter and unnecessary items
Give them away
Burn some Incense or dried Sage
And purify your space
Spend some quiet time
And focus on purifying your life
Think how you can transform any negative habits and thoughts to Positive ones
In order to Create the Life you wish for
How would you like to Create it
What and who would you like to invite into it
You HAVE that Power in every Breathe and Thought you take
Commit to Creating the Awesome life you so well Deserve
And you will atttact all the good you wish for
Clean the slate today
Dont look back
Take one step
And just you see
Whats waiting around the corner for you!
To help you with the strong energy of the Full Moon Selenite is a great crystal that can soothe
Dont forget to put all your crystals under the Full Moon to charge them with the Moon’s Beautiful Energy!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

The Universe Supports you


I Am Love
I Deserve to be Loved
I Am Joy
I Deserve Success
I Celebrate my Life
Life Celebrates Me

We are heading towards a very powerful Full Moon
These Days are very charged
Dont let this deter you into any negative thoughts
Youve come far
You are asked to maneuver yourself
Through these waters
How strong are your convictions
How much have you come to understand
Who you are
Where youre headed
And what you deserve

Stand Tall
Immerse yourself
In Self Worth and Confidence
You have done so much beautiful work
You are here for a purpose
And you have shed so many layers
That did not serve your Highest path
Now too
Remember as things come up for your review
That you are fully invested in your Highest Good

Treat yourself to rest
As you need
To gently transform
All that comes up
Into the Light of your path

Resolve to transform
Each and every worry
Into a Positive EmPowering thought
Building your existence
Into a Thriving one
You have that Power

The more Positive your thoughts
The Higher your Vibration is
And the clearer you can hear the Guidance of your Guides and Angels
And the more Positive experiences
You attract towards you
Thats a win win!

Lower chakras
May be triggered at this time
And are asking you
To Anchor yourself
In this Existence
Of your choice
You are Here
To Flourish
And BE the Light that you Are ♡

Go to nature if you can
Take a walk and consciously feel your feet Touch and Relate to the Ground
Jog or take a bike ride etc
Working with Red Jasper can benefit you greatly at this time
It aids Grounding, Courage, Endurance, Physical Strength and Life Energy.

Try to find a spot in Nature
If you can
Spread your feet lightly apart
Stand comfortable and stable
Feeling the ground beneath your feet
Feel your back solid and strong supporting you
Breathe the Energy of the Cosmos into you
Spread your arms up and outwards
Feel the Universe Supporting you
Feel your feet firmly on the Ground beneath you
Feel the soles of your feet firmly planted in the Earth
Imagine yourself
Growing roots into the Ground
Like a Tree
Breathe deeply
Stand tall
Anything that comes up for you
Release into the Earth to be transmuted
Breathe in your possibilites
Exhale your past
You are Whole and Complete
And in Peace
With what Was
With what Is
And with what is to Be
You Are One with the Universe
And it Is Supporting you
In transforming
Into the Best version of Yourself
Your Gift of Gratitude is your Commitment
To your Higher self
To the Creator
And to Life
Breathe in this Supportive Energy
From the Earth
And from the Skies
Take this Support with you as you go
You are One with All
And SO IT IS ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Created to Shine


If you have been through any form
Of abuse or rejection in your past
This may leave residue of feelings of unworthiness
These wounds take layers of Healing and Release to go through
Forgive those who have done you wrong
For they did not know better
Ask for Divine Assistance to Heal, Release
Forgive and Reconnect to your self worth.
Know that you are more than Worthy
To Shine
For you are a child of the Divine
You were Created in the Divines Light
And you have your own unique ray of Light
To Shine onto the World
For the Benefit of All
Your lesson is to Own your
Inner Divine Being
Independant of what others may think
For some may not yet understand
your journey
In doing so you will totally Align
With who you Are and will find your Joy
By Being and Expressing that Joy
You will be attracting those
Who vibrate on the same level
To Celebrate with you
Be who you are today
In Confidence and in Joy
Bring us your Unique ray of Light
So we can enjoy it
And reconnect with our Own
Your Light is a Blessing to us All
Thank you for Being ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s Prayer Cards


IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

There is a tingling maGic in the air
You have come so far
You are shifting
The veil is thinning
You are more in touch with the Angelic realm
You are more in touch with your True Essence
There is a sense of excitement
Even if things are not yet very clear
There is a knowing
That is the Magic

And then at moments
You will feel old deep pain rising
Tempting you back into limiting thoughts
But that is not what its here to do
Its here to remind you whats lurking deep within that inhibits your freedom and asks you to more thoroughly release for you to become who you Truly Are
Holding on to this continues the vibration and continues to attract the same
Free yourself and return to the Divine Being of Light that you Are
When this arises acknowledge what it represents for you
In doing so you will receive more clarity and understanding as to how this affects your choices and your life.
Resolve to Heal this showing yourself much compassion and tenderness
And make the conscious Intention to release asking Divine assistance to do so
It is up to you to discern in these moments and choose your Higher Light
In doing so you will begin a closer relationship with spirit and your own Higher self and receive guidance for the continuation of your journey
Connect with your Higher self regularily
Take time out daily even if for a few minutes to quiet down
To release the outer and inner noise
Breathe deeply and exhale it all until you feel a state of calm nothingness
This stillnesss will enable you to just be your Pure Self and within this state you can feel more of who you Are
Just feel
Just be
And gradually through this state
You will feel your way back to self and how to procceed.
Be there for yourself
You Are So Worth it ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Inter create

20161025_164224 (1) crp signd

If you have been weary of connecting and collaborating with others due to past experiences and disappointments
Things are about to change
The universe is sending our way all kinds of synchronicities, opportunities and new or renewed encounters that carry a Higher vibration designed to push us all forward to fulfill our Soul Missions.
There is a need to forgive the past on a Deep level
As we receive energy that helps us Heal these and release
Our own willingness is also requested
To make it all happen.
Stay aware and open to all that is sent your way
Trust your inner guidance and resolve to open yourself further at this time.
Some of these encounters are sent to encourage, confirm or revive your Divine abilities
This is truly a magical time
Ride this wave and let it uplift you and take you where you are to Be ♡

We were created to inter create
As we release the residues of our challenging lessons, we raise our vibration and return to our innate state of love
We unite with others on a similar frequency
For the Divine purpose of co creation for the Highest good of All.
Let the Magic Begin ♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Bring out your tools


This is your time
To stand up to the plate
And follow through
As the Energy supports your moving Forward
You need your whole inner support system
In full gear
All those things youve learned along the way
All those Healthy habits youve started and let go of
Bring them all back and put them in place
Bring out all the tools youve aquired to Maintain the Best of who you are
Eat healthy
Sleep well
Clearing your energy
Maintaining positive thoughts
Discarding immediately any negative thought that arises
All of it
You dont have to do it all at once
But start with what you feel is most important or with the easiest
And gradually incorporate all
That your being needs to perform at its best.
Tune into your body
And Listen to what it needs
Tune into your Soul
And Listen to what it needs

You are going through a sacred process
Of Becoming
At the moment
It is important
To pay close Attention
And Intention
And give it the precious space needed
Dont let anything or anyone
Interfere with your unfolding
Protect your energy
Spend time alone in quiet
To re center
Especially after encountering overwhelming energies of others
Breathe deeply
And invite
The aid of the spiritual realm
They are with you to assist you
In manifesting your Higher self
Listen carefully to the guidance
You are receiving
You are Royally escorted
Into this Beautiful passage
Of Becoming YOU
Take note
And move gracefully
Into who you Truly Are
Everything is falling into place
Energies, Ideas, Synergies, Synchronicities, Special Encounters all come in to further assist you on your path
Pace is picking up
Dont miss out on all the opportunities
Presented to you
Some may be less obvious than others
Listen to your inner guidance
Allow it it All to take you
Where you are to Be ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Get your Groove back


This New Moon brings us fiery Energy
To give us a much needed boost
For a New Beginning.
You may even feel a bit too wired at the moment
But dont worry it will subside
You have been through a lot
And you may find yourself at times
Depleted and discouraged
The energies at the moment are supporting a huge movement forward
Use it to your best interest
Get back into your groove
Find any and all those things you really like to do
Get your creative juices back flowing
With just about anything that awakens you
Listen to your favorite music, do something artistic, crafty, allow yourself to dance
Just like that or sing to your favorite tune
Go to nature or play with some gardening
Anything that gets your drive back
Find lost parts of yourself that youve abandoned
Find yourself again
Your Vitality
Your Life Force
Your Passion
Awaken it all
Anything you start playing with will guide you back to yourself
And to your Soul Mission
Remember you are truly here on a mission
This mission not only serves your soul’s evolution
But also serves us All
It IS THAT important
You need all the lost parts of you back within you kicking
To fuel the passion of your mission
This is it
The Universe is pushing you to the move
All you have been through has served an important purpose of learning
Some of which will be understood later on
For now dont look back
Youre not going there
Youre going full steam ahead
With all of you
And all that richness you have gained from what you went through.
You Are more than capable
You were created to do this
And Now
Is your time
Pay attention
As you Align with your intentions
Assistance will come your way
In many different forms
Dont disregard them

As you advance
If you find yourself
Feeling fear of this sudden change
Dont worry about it
Just acknowledge this
Remember this is the positive forward movement
You so wished for
Take small breaks if you need
And then continue
This is where its at
Your time is Now ♡
Much Love & Healing Blesings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop


Pierce through the Cloud


You are here on a Soul’s Mission
You are to learn to Manifest this Mission
Despite challenging situations
That seem to come in the way
These lessons are an essential part of the mission itself
Allowing your soul to Grow and Evolve
Seeing all this with Forgiveness Love and Compassion
As you Expand into who You Truly Are.

See all that seems to come in your way
As a Cloudy veil
A Lazer beam Focus
Pierce through and beyond this cloud
Knowing in your Heart
What is True to you.

This is how you will reach your destination
And cast off
Once and for all
All that is not true

Stick with it
Day in day out
Dont let go
Dont give in

Look at it all as a cloud
Blurring your vision
And distracting you
Because that
Is exactly what it is

Remain Positive at all cost
And crystal clear
About what you wish for
Discarding any negative thought
As soon as it arises

This is you
Zeroing in
On your target
Nothing can get in your way anymore
For you will no longer allow it to
You have learned your lessons well
Its time to get Real
Its time to get True
Its time to get You ♡

Much Love & Healing Blessings

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in online shop

The Essence of who you Are


Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
See your Dream
Dive in
Feel it
This Dream is who you Are
Return to visit frequently
Resource yourself
Your Energy
Your Vitality
Your Power
Your Motivation
And Align yourself with this Vision
Align yourself with who your truly Are
The passion that drives you to this Vision
Is your essence of Vitality
In which your Soul Mission was created
Therefore it is essential you pursue it
If conditions at the moment dont seem favorable
Do not let this discourage you
Hold onto the seeds of your dream
Keep Revisiting
Keep Nurturing
Keep Aligning
The more you do so
The closer it will Be
At all times remember
You are here
To BE who you Truly Are♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop
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These days
The past may be coming up for you
This may not be easy for you
Know that it is imperative
The more you advance on your path
The more you need
To release all that is holding you back
So you can truly become who you Are
Youre still holding on to old hurts
And as you Dream to fulfill your Passions
Somewhere deep inside you
You are holding onto to
All that went wrong in the past
For these to come up now
Is an opportunity for you to see
Exactly what youre holding within you
And understand it is time to let all this go
Whatever has happened in your past
Represents lessons
These hold perceived limitations
From which you are to Break Free
For Within You
You Are Everything Your Passion
Dreams to Be
No one and Nothing can hold you back
Within the pain that comes up
Lays the key
Look deep within what comes up
And find the Real You
Through it all
You are there
To come forward
And be Free
Free yourself from
All thats holding you back
You are here
You have lived through
All that attempted to limit you
So you can see
That all you ARE
Is and Always will Be Within You
See all your experiences
With Gentle eyes of
Compassion and Love
Heal yourself from the pain that comes up
Say goodbye to the past
The wings
That are begining
To unfold and Spread
You are
And SO IT IS ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop