Pierce through the Cloud


You are here on a Soul’s Mission
You are to learn to Manifest this Mission
Despite challenging situations
That seem to come in the way
These lessons are an essential part of the mission itself
Allowing your soul to Grow and Evolve
Seeing all this with Forgiveness Love and Compassion
As you Expand into who You Truly Are.

See all that seems to come in your way
As a Cloudy veil
A Lazer beam Focus
Pierce through and beyond this cloud
Knowing in your Heart
What is True to you.

This is how you will reach your destination
And cast off
Once and for all
All that is not true

Stick with it
Day in day out
Dont let go
Dont give in

Look at it all as a cloud
Blurring your vision
And distracting you
Because that
Is exactly what it is

Remain Positive at all cost
And crystal clear
About what you wish for
Discarding any negative thought
As soon as it arises

This is you
Zeroing in
On your target
Nothing can get in your way anymore
For you will no longer allow it to
You have learned your lessons well
Its time to get Real
Its time to get True
Its time to get You ♡

Much Love & Healing Blessings

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in online shop

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