Bring out your tools


This is your time
To stand up to the plate
And follow through
As the Energy supports your moving Forward
You need your whole inner support system
In full gear
All those things youve learned along the way
All those Healthy habits youve started and let go of
Bring them all back and put them in place
Bring out all the tools youve aquired to Maintain the Best of who you are
Eat healthy
Sleep well
Clearing your energy
Maintaining positive thoughts
Discarding immediately any negative thought that arises
All of it
You dont have to do it all at once
But start with what you feel is most important or with the easiest
And gradually incorporate all
That your being needs to perform at its best.
Tune into your body
And Listen to what it needs
Tune into your Soul
And Listen to what it needs

You are going through a sacred process
Of Becoming
At the moment
It is important
To pay close Attention
And Intention
And give it the precious space needed
Dont let anything or anyone
Interfere with your unfolding
Protect your energy
Spend time alone in quiet
To re center
Especially after encountering overwhelming energies of others
Breathe deeply
And invite
The aid of the spiritual realm
They are with you to assist you
In manifesting your Higher self
Listen carefully to the guidance
You are receiving
You are Royally escorted
Into this Beautiful passage
Of Becoming YOU
Take note
And move gracefully
Into who you Truly Are
Everything is falling into place
Energies, Ideas, Synergies, Synchronicities, Special Encounters all come in to further assist you on your path
Pace is picking up
Dont miss out on all the opportunities
Presented to you
Some may be less obvious than others
Listen to your inner guidance
Allow it it All to take you
Where you are to Be ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

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