Integrating the New


Full Moon energy is still upon us
Things have been moving swiftly
Have created some stress
And the FullMoon has pushed us even further into bringing more older issues to the surface to release
There is no place in our new evolving reality for the old that does not Align with our Higher Good.
All this may have you feeling exhausted.
Good changes are happening putting us on our Higher path
Take the time to rest up and rebalance
After all the efforts you have been making to try and integrate this New changing reality
Breathe deeply and Exhale 3 times
To reconnect to center
To allow more Oxygen in
And to Allow the space for your Angels
To whisper guidance
Spend some time in nature
Take a nap,meditate
Listen to some relaxing music
Or just do something nice and calm for yourself
Reconnect with your soul
And see
You are headed for Beautiful developments
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in
Kahliya’ s online shop

Walk True


Turbulent shifts are about
All of which are designed
To bring about the best of who we are into manifestation
If you feel challenged
Walking on a tight rope
Between owning your truth
And accepting others
Know that you are being elevated
To a higher level of perspective
You are always asked to walk your Truth
You shall no longer hide yourself
Stand tall and proud of who you are
Yet you are also being asked to
See others with more compassion as yourself
Speak your Truth from within a proud open Heart that knows
We are all here doing the best we can
As long as there is sincere openness
To mutually understand and collaborate
Solutions can be found
And if not
There shall not be resentment
A release to the flow of Life
And the firm Faith
That which Aligns with your Higher Good
Will Always gravitate towards you
As long as you continue to act in Integrity
And a kind open Heart for yourself and others
Respecting All of Life.
Remember that by standing in your Truth with Respect and Compassion to All involved,
You create an important example for others to follow as well.
Upon feeling confused
Always reach first
To tend
To your wellbeing
Creating your highest possible vibration
From which there shall be more clarity
And flow of what is to be your best deserved reality.
Breathe deeply
Allowing more oxygen to enter, facilitating your flow and creating a space for the Divine to enter.
Ask for Guidance and Assistance
Relax and be open to receive signs for your path ahead
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Wide Open

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You may be feeling very emotional
Energies and events are encouraging a Grand Heart opening
You are being asked
To Remain in your Heart
Wide Open
Beauty and Love
Yet you may feel overwhelmed by your own emotions
Your hidden fears may arise strongly
As you step into your naked vulnerability
Do not give into the urge
To go back to your hiding place
Carry your Beautiful Shining Heart
With you as you step even more out into your destiny
You cannot go back to living a limited version of yourself
Go with the explosion of senses
Live life more fully
To Yourself
And to the Beauty Life has to offer
You may think you detect caution signs
Look again
Make sure you see things through your Heart
In this place of Love
There is more Embrace
More Inclusion
And despite
Even opposing differences
Everyone gets along
Its called Love
The Energy of Creation
That is what we Are
Let all else slip away…
Take time to process your emotions
Breathe deeply and exhale 3 times
Return to center
Allow the space for all that you may feel
To be present
Embrace yourself with much love and compassion
Visit Nature if you can
Even if for a brief moment
And watch your emotions return to Peace and Love ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Graceful vulnerability


Has an old demon raised its head
Upon this New Moon
Solar eclipse ?
Know that there is Divine timing at play
You are meant to feel a bit startled and
shook up
Because as you can begin to see
There is still some residue left from old wounds deep within you
Take the time needed to fully acknowledge
All that this means to you
And where you choose to be
Conciously today
What do you invite into your life
And where do you draw healthy barriers to protect your wellbeing as you continue to rise upon your path of evolution
Focus on your own Healing
On your intentions
And on all that you can do to raise your vibration to meet your Higher good
Ask for guidance when facing a dilemma
And let go for a bit
Truly only focusing on You being in your
Highest possible place
All that Aligns with you
Shall meet you there
All that does not Align
Shall fall away
Have courage
Stay in your heart
Communicate clearly
To yourself and others
Do not return to old defense patterns
Walk your path with pride
And Graceful vulnerability
That means you are ready and capable
To face life with all of you
To become who you truly are
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.



Feel like youre walking on eggshells ?
Energy is tense
We are going through immense changes
In a rapid pace
This may leave us overwhelmed and confused
Even though there is a lot of Good happening
At the same time we are meeting our old fears so we can let go of them
And let go we must
To incorporate all this new goodness coming into our lives
Time to truly embrace the light
And the truth of who you really are
Time to say goodbye to All those experiences sentiments and patterns
That no longer serve us
Time to pay very careful attention to the energy we hold each and every second
Our thoughts wander very easily to old ways of fear and doubt
That is Not what we wish to plant and carry with us into this new chapter
Take pauses as much as you need and as often as you can to re adjust your thoughts and energy
New Moon upon us Tommorow
Lets choose to put our true intentions out there for things to roll as we have wished for so long
We Deserve this
Lets be responsable with our energy
Take a moment tommorow to focus on your intentions
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Moving forward with All of You

commitment unsind fixed snd

The New is Here
New Stirrings
New Connections, Collaborations,Opportunities
Excitement fills the air
And then boom
Stuff comes up
The old fears..self doubts..
Its OK
it really is
Its part of the process
Breathe through it All
You are totally capable at this point
To see
Nothing bad is occuring
A necessary clearing
After possible overwhelm and excitement
You ARE capable of pulling this through
You DO Deserve All the Good thats coming to you
Youve done so much work
Youve been so determined
And now you begin to see the beginnings
Of Breakthrough
Dont be startled by what comes up for you
See it for what it is
Give it the space needed to Clear OUT
Of your System
This is Not what youre taking with you into the New
Take your time to thoroughly let things surface..and let go
Emotions may run high
You may even need to cry
Just let it all stream out of you..
Get yourself truly Ready
To Embrace the New
You are also being asked to fine tune and upgrade yourself to adapt to the True you that is being encouraged to manifest more fully.
Perhaps you just need to finally get those better health habits in place to get your energy in that needed higher space
Or perhaps it means to finally get more organised so that you can be more efficient and roll with these new opportunities..
Whatever it is..You Know youve been wanting to do these things for so long and just lost the incentive it is
Make sure you build a good structure for yourself to celebrate and engage in all that is coming for you in a way that continues to respect your health, your wellbeing and your connection with your Divine guidance as you move forward into this new chapter.
Make a commitment to respect all aspects of yourself and your needs to move into expressing more of yourself in a healthy balanced manner.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.