Moving forward with All of You

commitment unsind fixed snd

The New is Here
New Stirrings
New Connections, Collaborations,Opportunities
Excitement fills the air
And then boom
Stuff comes up
The old fears..self doubts..
Its OK
it really is
Its part of the process
Breathe through it All
You are totally capable at this point
To see
Nothing bad is occuring
A necessary clearing
After possible overwhelm and excitement
You ARE capable of pulling this through
You DO Deserve All the Good thats coming to you
Youve done so much work
Youve been so determined
And now you begin to see the beginnings
Of Breakthrough
Dont be startled by what comes up for you
See it for what it is
Give it the space needed to Clear OUT
Of your System
This is Not what youre taking with you into the New
Take your time to thoroughly let things surface..and let go
Emotions may run high
You may even need to cry
Just let it all stream out of you..
Get yourself truly Ready
To Embrace the New
You are also being asked to fine tune and upgrade yourself to adapt to the True you that is being encouraged to manifest more fully.
Perhaps you just need to finally get those better health habits in place to get your energy in that needed higher space
Or perhaps it means to finally get more organised so that you can be more efficient and roll with these new opportunities..
Whatever it is..You Know youve been wanting to do these things for so long and just lost the incentive it is
Make sure you build a good structure for yourself to celebrate and engage in all that is coming for you in a way that continues to respect your health, your wellbeing and your connection with your Divine guidance as you move forward into this new chapter.
Make a commitment to respect all aspects of yourself and your needs to move into expressing more of yourself in a healthy balanced manner.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.

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