Life gives
Life takes
Even when it takes..
It gives..
For within the void presented
We are able to see more closely
The gifts that were given to us..
We are all eternal souls
Returning here to continue to evolve
We are all just walking each other home
Doing the best we can on our own
With our own capacities
But in being ourselves
We continue to teach others
From the spark of Light we carry within us
Sometimes we are so distracted by our differences
We fail to see the Light
The ‘Other’ brings us
Regardless if he walks what seems to be
A totally separate path from our own
He too in his own way
Is walking his path towards the Light
This is an important lesson in life
Sometimes its not possible to walk together
More than a bit of the road
But nevertheless
That bit has its value
Honor that
Honor what you have received for the continuation of your journey
All that crosses your path has a purpose
See the Beauty
Even if you have to pierce through the veil of pain to see it
Its well worth it
Savor the gifts
Savor the Beauty
These will have pushed you forward in ways you may not be able to see yet
Though these days
We are being given the possibility to see further beyond the veil
You are able to see atleast part of what you have been given
This has enriched your existence
And the unfoldment of the Magnificence of who you truly are
You have been pushed on your journey
Dont waste this precious gift
Take it with you and proceed further
Forward on your path
You may need some time to heal
But keep your intentions set forward
All will be more clear sooner than you think
The Beauty of who you Are
Within your wings you carry lots of little parcels given to you to help you fly
Fly dear one
We all will meet once again
In the Light of Grace ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards
Available on Kahliya’s online shop

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