Reaching for the light


Oh boy
You may be feeling overwhelmed at this time
A Lot is going on
The energies are pushing all this to the front for divine purposes even though all you can see is chaos at the moment.
Things are being shaken up and there is also so much beneath the surface
Its not easy to move through the chaos as there is no clarity offered at the moment.
What is needed is Faith, Positivity and Prayer
First and foremost
Make sure you take care of your health and well being
Do absolutely all you can to not get caught up in drama and above all do not let any of it get to you, your health or your nerves
Breathe slow deep breaths
Very important
More oxygen to your system
More space for calm and spirit to come in
Drink water/herbal tea
Gentle stretches to unblock stressed energy in your body
A self massage with quality natural oils will help a lot to cure imbalance and heal
Do what you can to tend to yourself and relax
Listen to some soothing music
Rest up
Light a candle and invite your angels and guides to intervene for your highest good
Ask for guidance
Choose to think positive no matter what is going on
Switch your thoughts to anything that can entertain you positively
Move yourself to a better state of mind raising your vibration
Allowing Divine intervention
And Trusting
The good in whatever is to Be
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
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