Take your time


You may be feeling emotional and frustrated
You may not understand why one minute you kind of got it
And feel youre healing after a hurtful event
And the next it all comes up again with so much lingering pain
The thing is its always a process
While we may reach awareness quicker than before
Your whole being has to integrate it
And reach the same level
Its totally normal to need time to heal all the layers of what this has brought up for you
You cannot simply speed it up just to move past the pain
If you have reached awareness
Thats great
But you still need all of you to heal
If youre still confused
You will evidently need the time to process and heal before finding your truth
Either way
These things take time
And it is so personal
Allow the time it takes
Allow whatever you need to move through to be able to release
Dont forget that this has triggered older and deeper wounds which explains why you need to go through all of this to see what you were holding onto in your vibration, to fully heal and release so you can move on and become the full version of who you are meant to be attracting towards you the co creators that Align with your truth.
Use this time wisely to take a good look at all that comes up for you
If you allow you may see things, frustrations and even dreams you were hiding deep within you
This is your chance to unveil all this and learn more about your deep longings
You deserve to live your dreams
Honor them
You deserve to be happy
Take the time you need to go through all of this and discover more of you
Be gentle patient and kind to yourself
We often wish the world to be kinder
But we must first be able to be kind to ourselves ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop
*Sets of 10 cards are now available and make lovely caring gifts ♡
*For Donations-

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