Golden Opportunity

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In the midst of a challenging situation
You stop and pause
This is all too familiar
I dont want to be in this place anymore
What do I do
A Golden opportunity is at foot
The opportunity to see your own true Strength
The opportunity to pierce through the illusion of victimhood and suffering.
The opportunity to see your own Light Shine through anything and everything.
This is such a precious sacred time for your Evolution.
You may be holding your head in disbelief
But look again
Tired of the same old?
Time to turn it around
Let others carry the weight of their own issues
Stick to your own Light
Stand up
And shine!
You are not dependant on others to shine
Your light lies within you
You have such incredible power if only you tuned into yourself
Into your higher self
Its time to let go of all that you were led to believe about yourself and your abilities
You are powerful
Let all that go
Turn within and see the truth
Your truth
You dont need any approval
You are a seed of the Creator
You are directly linked to the light of the Universe
You are here to shine
You have a unique soul purpose
One with your own voice
And we need to hear you
More than ever
Let all else go
With your Higher self
Align with the light of the creator that shines through you
Allow it to.
Tune into your personal high vibration
And let everyone elses baggage slide off you
Dont carry them and dont let it even touch you
You have far more important goals to take care of
The universe is here to support you
All you need to do is make the choice
Take the time to heal if you need
And especially to tune inwards
So you can hear your mission
And go out there
And spread your light
Thats all you need to focus on right now
Whatever and whoever will align with your light
Will be by your side
Lets go!
Much love & Healing Blessings
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