The storm is over
These have been challenging times
You may have been so overwhelmed that you are afraid to raise your head and see what else is up
But you Should raise your head
Because you will see the Sun is Shining
And if youre honest with yourself
You will feel, despite the difficulties youve been through, that you have come out Shining too.
Something within you has definitely changed.
Your inner foundation has strengthened
The process may have been painful but you have released so much.
You are so much more in tune with your True Values.
You have re evaluated your Life and what is important to you.
You have understood what you wish to invest your Precious Energy in and how you wish to Develop your Life from now on.
This is so Valuable.
Things have changed
Because you have done the neccesary work
You may think you dont see results as of yet
But look closely
Sense your Energy
You are not the same person.
You may be trying to retreat to who you were because you may still have fears and it feels comfortable there
But you are truly not there anymore.
The truth of the matter is
There is Magic in the air.
You have Created this Magic
As you have broken out of your shell,
Discarded old parts that never really belonged to you to begin with.
You have made the choice to Shine
And you are bringing forth Magic.
Keep going
Keep focusing on this renewed Birth you have Created for yourself.
If you still feel a bit giddy from the intense Energies or a bit overwhelmed by the Transformation
Take rest as you need
Continue to Tune in
And ask for Divine Assistance.
Due to the Energies of the Eclipse
There may be intense emotions arising and certain issues may seem to be once again aggravated due to these intense energies.
Take another look at what this represents for you and see what it is trying to show you.
This is also an Exquisite Opportunity to take some alone time and delve a bit into your Depths.
The emotional state you are in is actually good to help you Dive deeper into your Soul and what makes you tick.
Dont be afraid of the emotions
Let tears run free
Follow your emotions deep within and allow them to show you what is important to you and why.
You may even find some new findings now that youve gotten rid of unnecessary layers.
What do you find of value to help you Create something more meaningful in your life today?
You have been searching for all this Depth to come up and show you more sides to you than you realised.
This may just up your game and allow you to Create with much more Passion.
This also brings you to a new sense of dedication to your Truth from which you can no longer return.
Keep taking steps towards that which you are Creating
And watch the New You Evolve ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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