Challenges are giving way to Blessings
If you cannot yet feel anything tangible
You can definitely tune into their Energy in the air and on their way.
You are beginning to have much more clarity and understanding about the significance of your recent challenges,how they connect to your past experiences, how they are woven into your whole path of Evolution, openning you now to your Awakening and to the Blossoming of you Soul Purpose.
We are upon the New moon which offers you the opportunity to give Gratitude to your lessons which have Polished you to unveil your Brilliance and to make your Intentions clear to receive your Blessings and Support towards your New page in Life.
Make sure you pause and anchor this moment as a pivotal point in your life.
The old is definitely shedding and offering the ripe fruit which is the True You.
Tune in
And offer yourself to the Universe
Mature, Ripened and Pure
For your ReBirth
Take extra care parts of your old self
Do not try to cling to you pulling you backwards
You may not know at first know how to adapt to this Shiny New Begining without the restrictive weight of the past.
Know that doubt is your biggest enemy right now.
Part of you may try to hang on and continue to see things in the same limiting way.
You must be Aware you have changed, you have Awakened.
This is where you must make an unwavering choice
All that you have wished for to Transform your life is here
Are you all in ?
Make sure you are and that you consciously do all you can to let go of all the old weight and limiting thoughts
Your tool box has changed
You know what to do
And onwards
Seek and Be receptive to the Light
To signs of confirmation on the way from your Angels
Dont give into fear and doubt
Sail worry free
Determined and full of Faith
That all you need to complete your Sacred Destined Higher Purpose is well on the way
Whew what a Journey!
Thank you for your dedication to the Light!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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