You are being asked to move forward towards fulfilling your soul purpose
To do so in an efficient productive manner
It is imperative to pay close attention to your energy and maintain an equilibrium of spirit and body to obtain the highest vibration possible at all times.
We live in a world with intense mixed energies all around us as we go about our day.
Whether in our personal circle or on a wider scale we are not always aware of all the different energies of others that we absorb as our own.
We also tend to push past our own healthy bounderies trying to adapt and achieve in our daily lives, very frequently leaving us depleted,confused and even irritated emotionally and physically.
There is no way we can expect peak performance without tuning in and taking care of our energy, our health and our well being on a regular basis.
This is highly important above anything else.
If you have a busy schedule
Try to find pockets of time in which you tune into your energy
Breathe deeply and find your balance,
Your center
Feel your emotions and your body
Check if you over extended yourself
Make sure you are properly hydrated, drinking plenty of water
And include enough fresh veggies and fruit in your daily regime.
Use your lunch break to breathe,be quiet and relax
Close your phone and detach from interferences as you can, for these moments of rebalancing.
Take a small walk,look to the sun, do some light stretches, listen to the birds, be near Nature or water,
As you return from work take 10-15 min
Lay down and disconnect from everything
Play some calming music
Give yourself some self massage with natural oils.
Light a candle and tune into spirit,pray.
Play some music,dance and let go.
Whatever you do, choose something that answers your own soul’s call for Healing and ReBalancing.
Make a point to do something daily
Once twice or even a few times a day
To check in with self and see how youre doing on a Deeper level.
Find the things that bring you this calm
To detach from outer disturbances and find calm and quite
It is in these moments that you also enable your angels to work on your behalf to help you re-Align with your Higher Self.
Make sure your body is fine
If there is any ailing
Do not dismiss
See what it is expressing
And what it needs to heal
Remember that pushing through to achieve without paying attention to any imbalance existing in your body or soul will only act against you and what youre trying to achieve.
Moving forward while taking all of you into consideration will enable you to maintain best results for your wellbeing as well as your productivity.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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