Unapologetically You


You are being asked to move into who you are meant to Be
You have a Soul Purpose that awaits you.
Your Higher self is pushing you to truly take the leap!
You may feel like you are not yet ready
But you Are
Theres no time like the present
To finally BE who you Truly Are.
Release all fears
Release all old contexts that limit your Magnificence
Disregard thoughts of how your surroundings will accept the ‘New’ you
That is Not your affair
If anything
Even if it rocks their boat
After their initial possible discomfort
You will have inspired them to take a good look at what their own Soul awaits for them to do
No matter how you look at it
Moving forward into being the Real You
Serves a Higher purpose
For yourself and for the whole
You can feel your soul bursting
How long can it stay in hiding?
Allow it to be unveiled
Your purpose awaits
Can you imagine
In Finally Being The True You
You ARE Creation in itself
Everything else you have allowed is a limited version of yourself
Is that what you wish for yourself?
You are not here to hide your Gifts and Beauty
Your inner cravings are real
They are your Soul bursting from inside
Wishing to break free
You are not here to please others
Or adapt to their expectations of you
You are a Magnificent Creation of the Divine
Meticulously created with special yearnings and passions to bring forth a purpose that serves the whole.
Be the beauty that you Are
Be the Light that you Are
Be the Full Creation of who you Are
Shine your Light onto this World
Shine your Light onto Us
In doing so you will Honor the purpose of your Creation, living your life to the fullest
And you will help this world be Complete.
We definitely need your Light
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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