Own your energy


These days there’s a lot going on energetically shaking us up a bit to help us shake loose all kinds of old limiting beliefs and habits
For us to let it all go and focus on who we truly are
All of it is pushing all of our buttons
The process is not easy and even a bit chaotic for everyone
Make sure you tune into self as much as possible at this time
Everyone is handling all this differently and we need not take on the confusion of others.
Stay as close to ‘home’ as possible at this time
Paying close attention to what may be coming up for you
Dedicating yourself to understand and work on what you need to be able to improve your path.
Taking on other people’s energy is a no no
And will only confuse and over burden you.
Do not worry, this phase will lighten up and will have served its higher purpose.
You are not going backwards, we are eternally evolving and revisiting some things that still need fine tuning
All is well
Hold your own energy
Heed your own Soul’s call
Allow others to carry their own energy and do their own work
Respect everyones choices
But at the end of the day
Your soul work is individual and unique
Stay closely tuned to your higher self and your own Divine Guidance to fully comprehend and explore how to deal heal and proceed
And allow others to do the same
If youre feeling exhausted
Hang in there
You are not being punished
But polished
Especially if you stay aware and observe
You will be able to understand and feel grateful soon
Take good care of yourself
Take things a bit slower at this time if you can and need to
Try to see what it is you are to learn from this phase
Find Peace in All phases of your existence and opportunity for development.

Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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