If you have been dedicated to your spiritual journey, chances are that by now you will have learned to balance your emotions, tune inwards for quiet and guidance as well as raise your vibration while on your own.
The difficulty may still arise whilst among others, triggering you and stepping all over your achieved calm.
Heres where you upgrade your spiritual growth.
We are all here to evolve as well as to be guiding lights for others.
We all have lessons to work on in order to evolve and yet we all also have things that teach and inspire others to evolve.
We are all together in this boat of existence
Created intertwined with a sacred purpose.
Even, and Especially, those moments in which others challenge and trigger you
ARE in fact your biggest opportunities for Growth.
It is time to change your look on things.
Yes, we’re all looking for calm and easy flow,
But next time you feel challenged
See it as a sacred opportunity to fine tune your skills and shine through.
Let your inner calm overcome anything attempting to throw you off course.
Let Your Energy Reign the Situation
For you and for others
Let that Energy be one of Supreme knowing that all is well, that all that comes your way is a learning curve
And that all those we come in contact with are co players with us with Divine purpose on our path as well as we are on theirs.
Even when it doesnt seem that way
Each player has something important to teach you.
Watching yourself act from your Higher self will have you remember who you truly Are
And how all of what you experience is here to show you that.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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