Higher Purpose


If youve been through a bit of a startling upheaval, take a deep Breath.
Take a few deep Breaths.
You may have thought things were finally starting to smooth out, even if you still felt a bit stuck and impatient, but the challenges seemed to have subsided only raise their head again out if nowhere.
But alas, look closely
Can you look at this differently this time?
Perhaps this is just some more spring cleaning just before you start moving straight ahead.
Perhaps you needed to revisit an issue
Even if you dont currently understand why.
If youre feeling confused
And release the thinking mind
Understand that your purpose here in this Existence is much Higher than what may seem troubling at this time.
This is not to say its not important, just that YOU are much more important than your confusion.
Trust that everything will sort out how it should.
Trust and Allow your Angels to give you Clarity.
Ask your Angels and guides to intervene for your Highest Good and let go.
Trust there is a Higher Purpose for Everything
Do not get caught up in the details of the situation
And certainly not in any negative thoughts of any kind.
Relax any stress this may have caused.
Rest and be gentle with yourself
Take good care of your well being first and foremost.
Leave your thoughts and any decisions for later.Restore your balance .
Drink plenty of water, eat heathy and find calm in Nature or in a restorative spot.
As you release, you will receive small gifts of Guidance for your path, perhaps sensations as to how you are guided to feel to reach once again your personal sense of power.
Allow yourself to be guided as you relax.
The pieces of the puzzle will come together.
The only focus you need to have is to raise your vibration and to remember your Higher Purpose, that which you are guided to do here on earth to serve others, and then you will have gained your Higher Perspective.
Breathe in your Source of Creation
You are an essential part of all of Creation
Connect to your Essence
That which connects to All that Is
Thank you for Being here
You are Love
You are Light
And you are a part of the Divine ❀
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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