New Story


The Full moon today may have you feeling very emotional.
All full moons have a tendency to bring out emotions we have been trying to cast away.
This is also a full moon full of promise with New beginings well on their way.
You may have already sensed them in the air.
The emotions rising come from your depths and represent your deepest longings that connect to your Soul.
Embrace them
See what they are telling you
You are well on your way to manifesting more of who you truly are
This emotional disposition actually carries a gift of connecting deeper
And sensing more of what the Universe is whispering to us
And more of what our Soul is telling us.
Stay tuned and listen carefully
It may not be through words
It may be through sensations
Be present for yourself
You may need first to wash away a few tears, clearing some density held within you.
You may also have been stressed lately
Causing this density with too many worries and thoughts going on in your head.
It is very important to release all this without expecting precise answers
Trust and let go
Allow the good that is coming your way.
Stay close to your soul
By giving yourself some precious quiet time and some self care.
Focus on relaxing releasing and resting
Be extra careful with your thoughts
Take a good look at every thought that runs through your head and make sure you hold only positive visions about anything that worries you.
Your thoughts are creative energy
That have the power to create your life.
This is a pivotal moment
Make this moment count for you!
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