Breathe Deeper, Breathe Higher


This full moon may bring you to a very challenging moment
This is a moment of truth
In which you may be facing a dark night of the soul
Something pushes you to face more of your deepest wounds
You may not have seen this coming but rest assured, as difficult as this may seem, there is a sacred purpose in this experience.
It lies within your choice
No matter how dark this may make you feel
Reach for the LIGHT
Reach for your own LIGHT
You are a spark of the Creator
Light of all lights
You have the power within you to surmount
That which seems to bring you down
No matter how harsh it may seem
You are larger than what you are facing
Your LIGHT is
Turn within
Turn to your LIGHT
And shine brighter than any darkness
Within or without
You have the Power to do so
You are all of Creation in you
Breathe deeply
Dive within
And turn the Light on
Cast your Light on anything that seems to limit your Magnificence
Break through percieved barriers
Ask your Angels for help
And lift up
Watch whatever that does not Align with your Light shed away
Embrace yourself strongly,
Watch that which does not Align with your LIGHT leave your Life once and for All.
You are heading towards MORE of who you truly ARE
Dont cling to details in your head
Let go of logic
Just adhere to your lightbulb deep within
And turn it full on
Let it burn away in its brightness
All that attempts to cast a shadow on you
And watch your True life unfold.
That which is for you will be there
Trust in the Divine
Trust in YOU
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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