Personal Power


What a momentum
A moment of choosing your personal power
No matter what you are facing
No matter how difficult it may seem
No matter who or what your dealing with
There is always
In your center lies your power
Take back your energy within
No matter what goes on around you
Deep within is a calm collected being of Light
Directly connected to the Divine
There is knowing
There is Grace
There is serenity
There is love
There is joy
And above all
There is a knowing of who you are
If others around you move away from their own state of knowing
There is no reason for you to absorb lower energy
And certainly no reason for you to move away from your own state of knowing
Your own Soul
Remain centered
Remain calm
Remain detached
Dont let anyone pull you into their chaos
This may possibly be
One of the most important lessons we have in this experience called life
Maintaining and mastering who we are
In our highest possible vibration
Despite anything going on around us
This takes work
But well worth it
And highly important in our existence
If you need to leave the space to recollect
Do so
Even for a moment
If you cant
Practice detachment
Place yourself in a white bubble of protection in which you nourish and preserve your own energy and dont let any lower energy enter your private space
Practice deep breathing
Ask for Angelic assistance
Do anything you can to move within to find your calm and connect with your higher power
Focus on your higher purpose
That which you are here to do
Nourish that
And take care of your own well being and vibration to be able to continue to invest your high energy in your purpose.
No one can take away your peace
Only you can allow it to be taken away
Practicing detachment
To heal and maintain your highest vibration for yourself and others you continue to interact with is important to focus on.
In doing so you will have learned more about your own personal power
And you will have inspired others.
You will also have stopped the endless vicious cycle we are all used to getting into which creates escalation and further pain and chaos
Be the one today that puts a stop to all of that
Be the one who connects to your higher self and grows and glows way past what is occuring
Chances are whoever you are dealing with will have the space to find their own center once again
Either way
You will have learned a golden lesson
To be proud of and to continue to serve you on the rest of your journey
Peace and power to you
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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