Awakening to More of who we Are


Ive pulled these 3 cards for us today.
The theme is consistant
There is definitely a purpose for the shake ups we are going through these days.
Know also that you are not in this alone
But stagnant old energy had to be shifted for many of us and this has come about in many different ways, but the essence is the same, to Awaken us to more of who we are.
Today the nerves and shock may have moved into a kind of letting go and feeling of fatigue and depletion.
Understand that the tension needs to be released and that it is normal to feel fatigued.
Give yourself the right to take things nice and slow, to be gentle on yourself and to rest.Things need to be processed and lower energies evacuated.
Dont judge yourself for feeling low
But do keep a positive mindset.
Understand that things are not as terrible as they may seem and feel right now, for there is a higher purpose for it all and it is aiding you evolve and grow.
Remember which side of the street you are
You are here to serve the light
And when you feel you lose your way
Look to the light
Look to your own light
And look to what you are here to do to serve the light.
Anything you do to serve others holds a responsability of providing light to others.
When you focus on that you are connecting to your higher self and working directly with source to be a source of light to others.
In doing so its a win win situation as it pushes you to remain connected to your higher self and to your higher vocation, giving you a sense of purpose and in turn helping you see the light in your situation as well.
Your lesson is exactly in the same place
To reach further and deeper into your connection to source and deeper into your vocation of service. In doing so you already become a better person as you are Aligned with your Source energy and this will always give you a better perspective of your experiences showing you where and how to invest your energy for the higher good.
By focusing on this you will have helped others, you will have lifted yourself from any unnecessary attachment to drama going on in your life, and in return you will eventually receive more clarity about your situation and what decisions you are to take.
Remember first and foremost to take care of your well being aiding you to raise your vibration and be in Alignment with your Source energy.
Stand tall and remember your self worth
You are of great value to us All
You are here to serve us with your light.
Rose quartz is a great crystal to have with you at this time to soothe and heal emotional wounds 💕
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Images taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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