You may find yourself going up and down
From moving forward joyously to feeling down again and stuck.
Be easy on yourself
You are going through a healing process after troublesome events and it is normal to need to take the time to do so.
Just as long as you are headed forward
Be gentle when you feel down or stuck every time a thought or emotion comes up again.
Youre human
And you need all of you as you move forward
Meaning that if parts of you still need to mourn a loss or heal a pain
Thats not only ok but important for your overall well being.
Love all of you
Love the parts that still feel hurt and need time
Love and embrace yourself
Give yourself some warmth
Some tender loving care
Some compassion
And allow yourself to Heal
You may take an amazing new step forward
Even if its small
And then fall back again
Thats OK
It takes time to integrate all of you to heal and move forward
You may need to rest and have angels
Help you heal as you rest
For it is then that you release more of your thinking mind
You may need more time alone
Especially if youre sensitive and youve been through something harsh
The quiet allows you to reconnect with self
Especially your higher self and the Divine
And see once again your light and how you would like to shine it even more into your existence
Let go of those who do not see your light
Or cause offense
As they have been distanced from their own light and act from their bitterness
Wish them well
That they too shall find their light once again
But distance yourself from all that does not align with your light.
Youve come such a long way
And you know by now who you are
And that you no longer accept anything or anyone who seeks to diminish your light
Your light is a Sacred act of Creation
It has a Higher Purpose
And shall not be subdued
You have learned your lessons
Even if they have been difficult
You shall now act to Preserve and Protect
The light you are here to shine onto all of us
You are a Creation of the Divine
You are Precious
Treat yourself as such
And allow only those around you
Who know to respect and appreciate
The beauty that is you.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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