Gentle ‘tug a war’ but you already know who wins


You may be feeling a bit chaotic, a bit confused, irritable and tired.
Chances are you have either taken a step forward on your journey to manifest your dreams or you have been contemplating and planning to do so.
This energy that had you push forward after dissapointing events is a blessing
But has taken a lot out of you.
Remember you are still healing from recent events and all that it brought out of you.
Despite your great willingness to move forward you may still be harboring old set limitations and the need to push through them is what is fatiguing you.
Just as long as you are aware and pay attention, you are totally capable of navigating through these waters to your benefit.
Balance is needed in integrating your new found self which is unveiling itself to you as you fully release the old limiting self .
Be easy on yourself
Its a bit of a tug a war
But at this point its more of a gentle battle than before
Inwhich you already know who wins 😊
You just have to ease in to this new world you are creating for yourself.
Make sure to get enough rest as all this may be playing on your nerves.
Eat well, drink enough water,rest enough and get some gentle exercise to get rid of excess nerves.
Keep a positive attitude even and especially when the fatigue kicks in and wants to call in the past
Its a no no
Youre not going there anymore
Theres a new brilliant you in the works
And you need all your energy to create your magic
Envision the new you and your new world
Believe it is true because it is
Because it was only in hiding for as long as you let it
And now is when you come out of your hiding
Take it nice and slow
Balancing your nerves, your fear and your excitement
But keep taking it forward
Thats where youre heading
The Sun is already waiting 😉

Much Love & Healing Blessings
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