Open to big changes


We are already within the energy of the New Moon Tommorow.You may be feeling some emotional turmoil
Recent events are still affecting you as they had a purpose to trigger old wounds to heal.
Feelings of unworthiness, fear of abandonment and other insecurities and self limiting thoughts may arise.
Although these recent shakeups have also pushed you to connect to your inner power and take a step towards your dreams
There is a bit of an up and down momentum going on as you still need to heal these wounds that have been triggered.
Allow yourself to recognise and accept the pain that comes up
Running away from it will not heal it.
As you embrace yourself and your emotions with much love and care
You can process them and understand they are no longer needed.
Look at these last days
Look at moments and situations of beauty and of support you have experienced
Look at your moments of positive attitude planning for your dreams and perhaps even taking a step towards.
This is what you are creating in your life
Release painful situations and the insecurities these have triggered
They do not represent the real you
They only hide the real you from coming out to shine.Dont hold onto this any longer
Breathe through this and look towards the light, your light.
The Universe has so much more for you to experience once you tune in more fully to your light.
Leaving your self perceived limitations behind, you will be opening the door to much more than you have imagined.
This New Moon brings huge changes that will transform your world if you allow
Move through your fears
And into that which moves you
Continue to invest in what youre passionate about,your higher purpose
Putting you in a state of higher vibration
And watch your life transform.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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