You are ascending The Universe responds


Exciting New beginnings are on the horizon
You may already begin to feel the excitement in the air
You have been doing a lot of purging, a lot of healing and a lot of realisation as to what in your life needed to go and what you needed to do to transform your life into one that is Aligned with who you truly are
You have been tuning in and Aligning with your higher self, ready to dive into your soul purpose.
You have also learned that at the root of your alignement is the appreciation and love you have for yourself
This is the direct link to Aligning with your higher self and inviting into your life all that Aligns with your higher self as well.
You have come through full circle after having to go through interactions and events that have made you understand quite clearly who you are not and what you wish not to have in your life.
You are ascending to a higher level of awareness, love and light.
You are ready to step up.
The universe can feel your readiness
And complies
Continue to show yourself love, make sure your choices come from a place of honoring yourself.
Continuing to act from this foundation creates a vibrant energy to serve the world and attracts the same to you
Continue to nourish that which excites you and you will see fruit for your labour.
Your life is becoming a ball of light in which you are cherishing who you are as life itself.
You are serving and creating from this beautiful space and the world responds in return.
Thank you for Being here
Thank you for all your intention to rise towards the light so we to can rise with you.
Much Love and Light ❤
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