Your Beauty


These days as our deepest wounds arise for review, it can feel very destabilizing.
Weve already been through so much
And it is as if theres another cherry on top
This Cherry is indeed a cherry
For this is where you consciously choose to look at what is arising for you
And see the bigger picture
This is where you meet what hurts within
And how this is affecting your life and progress
This is where you decide to let it all go
Because after all youve been through
You actually know who You Truly Are
And this has nothing to do with you
If anything it is just slowing down your journey and weighing you down
This is where you decide to forgive, for you know those who have done you wrong knew not better
And because you know that forgiving will help you finally release the attachment to the pain, anger or resentment that is blocking your journey towards the light.
You do this willingly, perhaps even joyfully
Because in the meantime
You have encountered something far more important
You have learned how Strong you Are despite all youve been through
Youve learned how Compassionate you Are towards yourself and others after learning all about pain
Youve learned how Tenacious and Determined you Are in face of so many challenges
Youve learned how Loving you Are despite not always receiving the love you would have wished for
Youve learned that in your capacity to remain open hearted, sensitive, fragile and vulnerable in face of it all, you have exercised your greatest strength of all
Youve learned how Beautiful you Are
And this beauty that you see
Encourages you to cherish and honor who you Are
Perhaps where others did not know to.
This Beauty that you see
Pushes you to pursue your journey with excitement, passion and pride in who you are and what you have to offer
This, right there, is your Victory
Meeting your old wounds plus those who may have recently stepped all over them
And finally seeing
Who You Truly Are
Its been quite a journey
Doing all you could while holding on to all that pain
Imagine now, when you lay it all to rest
What you can accomplish and how joyful you will be
Today you can truly look at yourself
And understand you are Whole and Complete
You have all you need inside you to nurture yourself and develop yourself to your full potential
You do not lack anything
You truly have the power
And you have so much to offer
You are liberating yourself
Focused on enjoying who you are and moving towards offering your light to the world!
Much Love and Light ❤
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