Anchor within


You may be feeling anxious, worrysome
And/or lacking clarity in your life at the moment.
And center yourself
There is a need for patience
But this time it is a special kind of patience
If youre feeling confused and need clarity you can always call on your Angels and Guides for assistance in giving you signs.
Otherwise there is a special lesson here.
This space in between
In which perhaps you are waiting to see how a certain situation develops or just your life in general,
Is a Sacred opportunity to feel more comfortable and stable within yourself
Regardless of any outcome of any situation in your life.
Your Well Being
Shall depend ‘soul-ly’ on YOU
You are whole and complete within.
You have within you
All you need to make you happy and fulfilled.
Take back your Power and your Energy from anyone or anything
Do not wait on anything to make you feel good
Anchor your Energy within
Physically put your feet slightly spread apart and anchor your energy into the ground through the soles of your feet
Stand Firm
Stand Solid
Stand in Trust in who you Are.
You play an important part in this Existence
And you have a whole world of creation within you.
Breathe deeply
And know who you Are.
Feel the serenity in knowing
That as long as you focus on Aligning with your Higher self
Then everything that Aligns with your Higher Good will be there for you
And that which does not,
Will not be for you and fade way
This should resolve any confusion
Dont scatter or lose your Energy on depending on anything else but feeling Whole
Focus on your Joy
Focus on your Health
Focus on your Well Being
Focus on delving deeper into that which interests you
Your life will unfold and develop according to your Alignement
This is where your Energy shall be invested
Make your intentions clear to the universe by tending to your own Vibration
All the rest is your icing on your cake which will come to celebrate who you are.

Much Love🌸

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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