We are heading towards a full moon tommorow
The intense energy can already be felt.
You may be feeling very emotional, fatigued sleepy, cranky or on the flip side very firey
Or all simultaneously.
You may feel you miss someone or
You may feel attached to a certain outcome of a situation in your life
As all full moons, things surface that need to be released
Things, being all that does not serve us.
These things can be our sense of attachment to people or situations
In order to feel whole and complete
This stems from lack of self confidence and feelings of unworthiness
The good news is
That you are to let go of these in order to discover your Truth
Your truth being that you are the Captain of your ship, you are the Owner of your story,
Of your existence.
You are whole and complete within who you Are.
The only real thing missing
May be parts of you you have been hiding from expression
Perhaps this is the time to dive deep within and find out more about yourself and what fulfills you
Research and discover You
Feel good with You
Be your best friend
Ask yourself how you feel and what interests you
We are social beings and being with other people is great
Accomplishing success with our endeavors is important
But if we’re honest with ourselves
Our foundation must be based on a strong Sense of Self
Contentment and Happiness with who we Are
A sense of self fulfillment
Doing and expressing the things that represent our deeper souls
Taking care of our well being and making sure at all times that we know and have what it takes to be happy within ourselves.
From this strong foundation
We attract to us healthy and loving relationships that add value to our lives
We also attract success in what we put our efforts into
Because we are clear about our good intentions we put into our efforts.
We are also clear about who we are
And we value ourselves
We know that the right people will value our efforts
And we smoothly attract to our lives those who appreciate what we do.
Take the time today, this weekend
To be gentle with yourself embracing your sensitivity triggered by these current energies and perhaps triggered by certain recent events as well
Understand the energy and what it is pulling out of you
It is pulling out what you no longer need
Embrace who you are
Love yourself
Value yourself and all the efforts you put into your relationships and what you do
Take the time to delve deeper and see
How you can value yourself more
How you can value your life more
Tap deep within and see how you can fulfill yourself more
So you can stand firmer into a stronger sense of who you are and appreciate yourself more.
All the rest will follow
Much Love🌸
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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