Clearing the way to higher manifestation




You may be feeling emotional, sensitive and heavy
We are still within the energy of the full moon
A lot has been pushed to the surface
And we need to look at it, as difficult as it may be and not run away.
This is an important clearing process.
Take a good look at what is hurting, what is coming up and how it is all linked to old wounds.
Its important to process this.
Try to be very honest with yourself as to what may have been triggered recently.
All this has a sacred purpose.
There is a need to release all this surpressed pain from your being.
Allowing it to surface and moving through the pain while understanding,forgiving and releasing will enable clearing of residue, leaving you feeling clearer, lighter, ready to move on towards higher vibration, manifesting more of your higher self and attracting situations and people that Align with more of who you really are.
Release resentment of any kind towards others, understand they act from what they know best from where they are on their journey.
Understand that events are designed to help you evolve. Focus on your part and see where you can learn and evolve from there to rise higher on your journey.
Seeing this in this way will be more productive and help you make a point to create habitual moments of processing and clearing any negative energy you may have absorbed from situations and people to ensure you are always progressing on your path, cleaning your energy and elevating your vibration to be the best you can be.
If you feel yourself stuck in any negative thinking or attached to any situation that is not in your highest good
Ask your guides and Angels for assistance to help release all that does not Align with your Highest Good.
You are your own Creator
Let go of old habits that are not beneficial to you
Let go of the old story you hold of yourself
Choose positive thoughts
Choose to Align with your Higher self
And Create the life meant for you.
Much love
Mia 🌸
*Images taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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