Ignite the light


Current energy shifts may leave us feeling a bit uprooted and confused
We know what we wish for ourselves but there may be current situations leaving us unclear about decisions we are to make.
There is a certain amount of chaos in the air
Settle into what you do know
And that is who you Are
If anything
You have been able to get more in touch with your deeper self lately
So you have more understanding of your higher self
And all you know is that you wish to clear yourself of self barriers limiting the manifestation of your best shining self.
Let go of trying to understand certain situations involving others
Focus Soul-ly on yourself
Practice peace and self contentment
Offer your confusion to your Angels
And ask for signs of clarity
Ask for them to intervene for your highest good and for all that does not align with your highest good be released.
Then Let Go
Find your peace within
What can you do now to expand towards manifesting more of who you truly are
How can you reach out beyond your confusion and create something from within your light
Do that
Any small gesture will get you on the right track expressing your magificence,
Will get the ball rolling
And will have you aligning with your higher self and attracting that which aligns with the light you are shining.
As long as you are in your light
You are shining
You are creating
And you are co creating with others
On a high vibration
Only good can come out of that all around
Whatever does not align with that fades away
Vibe from your higher self
Ignite the light and keep rolling ❤
Much love
Mia 🌸
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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